Oh the Waiting!

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    Ok, this wait is making me start some new bad habits.

    By the time I find out whether I got into school I will need a pacemaker!!!


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    Take some valium, or go play golf whie you can. keep busy for yourself and the wait wont be so long.
    a watched pot never boils

    doo wah ditty
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    opalm, I know exactly how you feel. We were able to put in our application in mid-January but have to wait until May. uugghhh!

    Unfortunately, it is high season in Florida, Tom and the costs to do a round of golf is out of my reach.

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    wouldnt happen if it wernt for the snowbirds coming down
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    I think it took me several months to when I applied for my dual degree distance program. Hard to wait I know.

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    Oh if I only LIKED golf!!!

    Oh well back-to-back snow storms predicted for this weekend so I will be able to shovel some time away.

    Oh goodie!

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