Need help with Excelsior/Distance Gen Ed Classes

  1. Hello guys,

    Sorry to take up more space with yet another Excelsior thread.
    Here's the deal...

    I cannot take my Gen Ed classes through my local community college. It's a long messy story, so just trust me on this.

    Can I do these courses through Excelsior? If so, do I have to register for classes? What is a CLEP exam? I see on the Excelsior site there are registration dates for 8 week courses, does this apply to my GEN ED classes? I was hoping I could buy the book, study, buy a practice exam or what have you and take the exam at a testing facility. It's true I can do all my gen ed courses prior to enrolling at excelsior right? I've tried searching for a list of all gen ed classes needed for the LPN to RN program but can't find one, help?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    yes you can do all your gen eds before ENROLLING with may still need to do the application and pay the $75 app fee though. Depending on the gen ed credits you need you can either take the ECE exams through excelsior, take the online courses/classes online with excelsior, OR you can take CLEP exams through any local college that offers them...Clep exam are around 70-100 a pop. I am taking my Humanities clep which is worth the 6 humanities credits I need for excelsiors program. so not a bad price for the amount of credits...however, this is no A&P or Micro CLEP exam you would have to do those thorugh the ECE exams thorugh Exclesior...hope this makes sense i've been awake for 36hrs...sigh...
  4. by   caliotter3
    Any other college should have online courses that will fit the bill and be less expensive. Just stay away from the district that your avoided cc is in.
  5. by   alain_johns
    Are A&P and Micro the only classes with no CLEP exams?
    Are CLEP exams really hard? How do you study for them?
    Where do you sign up for them? For sure excelsior accepts all the gen ed courses thru CLEP examination? Arg. I'm sorry for being so ignorant. I appreciate all the help.

    So in theory, I could CLEP all my gen ed courses except those mentioned, and take Micro/A&P thru whatever online college/Excelsior??

    I called Excelsior and they made it sound like I needed to ENROLL before they could assist me with setting up a 'course schedule' and kind of gave me the runaround when I'd ask simple questions... which is weird cause they've been quite nice and helpful before.
  6. by   Pixie.RN
    There is information on CLEP here:

    Your best bet is to submit your application to Excelsior (I think it's a $75 fee) for an unofficial evaluation of your credits, and that will tell you what you need before you have to enroll. They don't put as much effort into assisting the unenrolled students as they do the enrolled one ... I'm sure there is a high number of people who look into it and never take one exam, so I can't really blame the college for that.
  7. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    you can find CLEP study books w/ practice exams at any bookstore, some libraries and on ebay etc...I got humanities for $15 on ebay, and human growth & development for $16...just do a google search and read up on it!

    yes you could CLEP out of many gen eds, however, i think the english comp you cannot and one other they wont accept. do what Lunah said just pay the app fee $75 and send all yoru transcripts in, so you can get your unofficial review and at least know how many classes/credits you will need!
  8. by   Erikadawn RN
    Also check out They just started A/P l and l l with lab and it transfers to Excelsior. Its only $99 a month, plus $39 for every class.
  9. by   alain_johns
    Many thanks, guys. I'm a little nervous about the whole thing. Feels like it's a lot to do and learn on my own. And the clinical exam at the end is a bit intimidating. But it's gotta get done. Again, thanks for all the info and tips.
  10. by   dabrianb
    I already have my general aa degree. My unofficial eval from excelsior only showed that I needed Info lit..which I already have done. I am just curious if excelsior will add more courses. I have taken health safety and transitions and plan on enrolling Feb 2012. Does anyone know if excelsior accepts or waives nursing courses from another college?