Looking for info on Fort Hayes Virtual University

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    Hey everyone, I was looking around for an online RN-BSN program that was affordable and fast. Thanks to the suggestions from my search of this sight I came across Fort Hayes Virtual University. The price is great, lowest anywhere, and I can get all my nursing classes done in 1 year. I am going to apply so I can find out which of classes are going to transfer. I was wondering if anyone had any first hand experience with this school, or know someone who does. How is the workload, instructors, ease of application, and whatever else could be useful to know? Thanks!

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    Whoops, spelled the name wrong. School's actual name is FORT HAYS STATE UNIVERSITY and they offer virtual degrees at $167 a credit hour for undergrad degrees.
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    It's been a few years since I looked, but having lived near Hays KS and having hired Ft Hays nursing graduates, I can say that it's decent school. Like any program, you need to make sure you check the fine print. When I looked a couple of years ago there were some short residency requirments. The program has changed so I can't speak for sure right now.
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    Are you going there now?? I was looking into that school also, so I'm wondering how its going for you.
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    I have been going there for about a year and a half, so far I have been really happy with it. I have a 4.0 GPA, which I NEVER had before!
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    do you know if they are a "military friendly" school?
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    There are several people in my classes who are military or married to someone in the military. Last year I had a woman in my class who was living in Germany, where her husband was stationed. I'd say they are "military friendly".
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    that's good to know...i should probably contact their financial aid office, if they are military friendly or a yellow ribbon school, when i use my husbands GI bill i should not have to come up with any other moeny to pay for school because they accept the payments from the VA for my education...that's what i meant by military friendly..lol i always forget to be more specific sometimes..lmao! Thanks though if there are military people going there, more than likely they are@
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    Is there any out of state tuition costs or a waitlist to get in. This place sounds almost too good to be true so Im wondering if their are any drawbacks. Im from california, do you need instate for the cheap rate? Do masters programs accept this as a valid school, specifically nurse anesthetist programs?
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    Any info would be greatly appreciated as I am dabating doing a BSN school or waiting another semester and doing my associates RN then bridging to BSN. It would take longer to bridge but I think it would be cheaper overall and it would allow me to be near family and go to a better nursing school (local one is better than one I was planning from what I hear). Very hard decision to make

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