Looking for advice- BSN vs. MSN

  1. 0 Hoping to get some outside opinions. I'm an Excelsior grad with a bachelor's in respiratory care (was an RT for 8 years before switching). I hope to get my ANP or FNP eventually and the online route will be the best option for me as the closest university is 1.5 hours away. I have found some direct entry NP programs, but I'm worried that not having my BSN won't make me a strong candidate and I'd really like to go to a good NP school. I spoke with a rep from one of the BSN schools I was looking at and she made the point that the "bridge" programs charge you graduate school prices for the bridge and you don't actually get the BSN at most of them. Of course she was selling me on the BSN program so I just don't know!!
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    I'm confused. You're an Excesior grad in what field? They don't have a RT program that I know of.
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    I interpreted her statement to mean that she has a bachelor's in RT, as well as having graduated from Excelsior (presumably their ADN program).
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    Oops! I'm an RN with an ADN from Excelsior, but I have a previous BS in respiratory... sorry for the confusion!
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    Thanks for clearing that up! I think an NP program would view a BS in RT favorably - since you ARE and RN. Why not call around and ask?
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    Thanks! I'm trying to find programs that will accept non-BSN degrees and then I will start making some calls. My BS is from Stony Brook so I will start there (they will accept non-BSN into the MSN-ANP), but it's extremely competitive so I was hoping to have a few other options. I'm excited to get started, but so nervous about getting into school!!

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