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Kaplan University makes a ton of $$ article

  1. 0 here's the link to an article on kaplan university. i wasn't aware that it was a wholly-owned subsidiary of the washington post, and serves as a major profit source for them. in the comments at the end there's also a brief note on the compensation for the ceo of another for-profit online school.

    i have had disabled patients use these folks and lose oodles of their settlement money on this "educational institution." ::insert sarcasm smilie here::

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    Un-frigging believable!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a bunch of vultures!!!!!!!!!!

    What the heck is going on??? I so sick of it all. I grow more and more concerned and pessimistic, how do I protect my children. Jeeze.
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    Quote from Esme12
    how do I protect my children. Jeeze.
    Well, for one thing, don't let them go to any of the proprietary (private-for-profit) "schools."
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