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I'm looking into an RN to BSN online program! I have applied to Jacksonville university and I was wondering if anyone who is in the program or is going to be has any advice and likes the program??... Read More

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    hey i started jan 7th. I'm taking information and research together. what about u?

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    JU peeps how's it going? I start today!
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    I start July 1st!!
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    The JU program is wonderful! I graduate in a few weeks. The last class is not a big deal. You have a practice project to complete, but you can do it at your job. All you do is pick a topic of interest and then implement an educational program, change a policy that is outdated or choose to improve some aspect of patient safety. You choose your own preceptor and all they are is a guide to help you if you have questions about your project. They submit little reports on you to your instructor so that your instructor knows that you are actually completing the project. After you get all the way to this class, putting together a project is a breeze. And you get A LOT of help from the instructor and your classmates. I was very pleased with program and even happier I can add BSN to my name soon!
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    I am also starting JU on July 1st... Any advice from previous students??? Thanks!!
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    I started July 1st. I am doing good, enjoying the first class so far. The online setup is great and it is working great for me.
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    Hi I just wanted to slip this comment in if your talking about UT arlington I recently saw a blog talking about the fact that they coordinate with hospitals and other large organizations and get the majority of students that way because the job helps with payment or completely pays depending on where you work. I heard its a little harder to get in or have a counselor bother with unless you doing this if your a independant you dont get personal attn. i will qualify that I dont know if this is true but they werent helpful with me. I have known and herd great things about JU and WGU is fast and inexpensive. Also chamberlain has good personal attention. I noticed JU students I have known go one to MSN because they liked it so much and it went by quick.also before applying you can punch in random searches on the internet for satisfaction or problems with a school and although it may be one digruntled person it gives you info to ask about or if you see great reviews that is comforting you can also search CONSUMER REPORTS FOR TOP ONLINE COLLEGES OR UNIVERSITIES FOR NURSING IT GIVES YOU A WHOLE SPREDSHEET OF COST SATISFACTION PASS RATE ETC ETC COMPARISON ALSO TRY REPORTS ON TOP ONLINE UNIVERSITIES FOR NURSING. GOOD LUCK!!!
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    I am beginning the BSN online Program this Fall 2013. Does anyone have any books they would like sell or any advice they would love to give
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    I am starting August 26, any advice? What was your first class?

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