Is there anyone out there that is enrolled in the College Network RN program?

  1. Hello everyone, I haven't visited in a while. I am currently enrolled in the College Network RN program. I am about to take my first exam in about two weeks. Any tips? I just want to know is it possible to pass the clinicals part of the program?
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    The College Network is not a college. It is a publishing company.

    Are you doing Excelsior? I did, without TCN.
  4. by   caliotter3
    The College Network does not run an RN program. It is a publishing company that takes money from students who are doing distance programs with schools such as Indiana State University or Excelsior College. Instead of paying more than $500 for a TCN study guide, you can buy their study guides used on ebay for $15 to $30.
  5. by   countrygonecity
    Quote from SuesquatchRN
    The College Network is not a college. It is a publishing company.

    Are you doing Excelsior? I did, without TCN.
    Yes I am doing Excelsior. I guess I should have rephrased the question...but thanks for the reply. So, I am paying for this program and I stopped payment last year and decided to give up. After I stopped payment, they replied to me asking for the money stating that I have to pay for it no matter if I go through with it or not and I have not taken my first exam yet. So, I decided to go through with it, but slowly, since I am paying for it month by month. I wish I would have known if it was a rip off or not. I have only received two modules. Is there a way to get out of it?
  6. by   SuesquatchRN
    Country, none of us know of anyone who has. Period.

    You can plow on through Excelsior without them and pay them off, no? I'm not sure how the payments to Excelsior work. Do you pay Excelsior directly or does it go thorugh TCN?
  7. by   countrygonecity
    My payments go through TCN or Oakrock financial that is who it is financed through
  8. by   countrygonecity
    i've tried to post and view their blogs, but it takes days and weeks for my posts to be is boring so I just thought that maybe someone on here is doing the same thing that I am doing. It would help a lot.
  9. by   SuesquatchRN
    I just asked the admins to move this to the Distance Learning Forum. People have used them.
  10. by   countrygonecity
    oh ok, that would be great. I am not too familiar with this blog stuff.
  11. by   yrosales

    i just signed a contract with tcn a few weeks ago, i plan on just going ahead with it since i am obligated to pay them now. i didnt know that i could purchase similar modules cheaper and test out without having to use tcn. wish i would have known.
    are you in ca?
    how many pre req's do you need to complete? i pretty much need everything....
    i also want to know if anyone has done clinical and how easy/hard it is to find a site/preceptor?

  12. by   sirI
    Moved to Distance Learning forum.

    (thanks, Sue)