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  1. 0 I am planning on taking the sociology CLEP test shortly and after reading the reviews have just signed up for instacert. I am now a little concered, its just fill in the blank flash cards?? Maybe I jumped into buying it too quickly. How is it supposed to prepare you quickly for a CLEP with flash cards only. There is no other types of study material right, am i missing something. I dont know much about Sociology, how am I supposed to do the flashcards at the beginning?? stressed!Any previous experiences or advice would be very appreciated.
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    Studied on IC for 1 week and passed. You'll be fine
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    I got the REA Intro Sociology book and studied it. I studied the practice exams along with the rationales for a weekend and passed with flying colors.
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    I did the flashcards and REA and passed Soc.
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    I have used IC for the past 2 years, I have taken over 15 Clep, Dsst, and Excelsior exams studying with them. You can also supplement with any extra materials. make sure that you check out the members only forum, lots of great tips there.
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    I am at the beginning of studying for Intro to Soc for the CLEP and was wondering which REA book to order...Thank you !
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    REA CLEP Sociology. That's what I used n passed with
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    Please be advised the Clep Soc is a difficult exam. I personally know 10 people that took it, including myself, and found it hard. Take your time studying and don't only rely on the REA book. Instancert was a great source, as well.