Have you been discriminated against?

  1. I was talking to some classmates of mine (prereqs) tonight about my plan to do the LPN program, and then do an distance education program to get my RN. They all strongly suggested that I didn't follow that path. They warned that I would be discriminated against both in getting a job at the hospital, and by my coworkers. Has anybody experienced this? I have been concerned about my opportunities at the hospital anyways, since all my LPN experience will be at a LTC.

    Has anybody that has traveled down this road experienced this?
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  3. by   LVHospiceRN
    I have an ADN from Excelsior. My coworkers at the SNF called me the "internet" nurse. I was the charge nurse working with all LPN's. Many were foreign educated BSN who couldn't pass the boards. I interviewed with one hospital who said Excelsior nurse don't do well. I didn't let this stop me. Fast forward 6 years and no one cares where my degree came from. Get your RN any way you can. The jobs will follow. Nurses eat their young be tough and your hard work will pay off.
  4. by   541ginny
    Thank you for your honest reply. It is true that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Individual I knew who got ASN from EC, told me that not only did she not get flak about Excelsior (it was Regents then), the person who interviewed and hired her for her first RN job, was an EC grad. So, in that case, it worked to the student's favor. Most employers won't bring up the subject. They are only interested in your clear license and your nursing work experience.
  6. by   541ginny
    It is nice to know that employers are not too concerned where you went to school. Have any of you gone from working in a LTC to working in a hospital. Did you feel prepared? I know that many people say that you learn the most on the job, but I worry about my chances of getting my foot in the door. Also, I worry about my confidence in the hospital setting, since it will be unfamiliar.