Has anyone ever went to the CollegeNetwork for their degree?

  1. Hello everyone,
    I'm currently and LPN and want to become an RN and it seems like the collegenetwork which is an online school seems to be popping up everywhere. I even talked to the representative but ofcourse they will only say good things and make it sound extremely easy. I was just wondering if anyone has had or is having first hand experience with this online course.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    If you can get a degree from this publishing company, it will be a first. Please take the time to do some reading in the distance learning forum. Publishing companies are not degree granting educational institutions.
  4. by   bibsd21
    I shouldve searched first before making a new thread. There is conflicting responses everywhere. Some people are saying its great and some people are begging others not to go through with it. I'm still confused lol
  5. by   caliotter3
    TCN ads and reps can be very misleading. Save yourself from $5 to $7 thousand. You don't need a contract with TCN to get a nursing degree from Excelsior College. www.excelsior.edu
  6. by   prettyinblu
    I havent tried this method but I did consider it but I have 2 friends that did. Friend 1 really enjoyed it however friend 2 hated it because of the changes she wouldve had to go out of state to take boards? I dont know the details but just do the research and see what works for you! Good luck
  7. by   NamasteNurse
    DON"T DO IT. The college network is nothing but a middle man. They do not grant degrees, they just set you up and do things you could do for yourself. You can go directly to the colleges and apply. Skip The College Network. Check out the resources on this site...
  8. by   Pixie.RN
    The TCN materials aren't bad, but as some people have discovered, they usually have to supplement with some of the recommended materials to improve grades. You can buy used TCN modules on eBay and elsewhere. However, please be aware that if you sign a contract with TCN, it is binding, even if you decide distance learning isn't your thing. I feel so badly for people who sign the contract and never take a test.
  9. by   INLPN93
    Do Not buy old College Network modules, they will not go with the Excelsior Content Guides.
    College Network redoes these modules when Excelsior updates/changes their Outlines.
    People selling them are just as bad as The College Network. I have old modules, and NO WAY could you pass using them and really they are useless.

    I got suckered in, I knew I'd have to send in an admission application and enroll to Excelsior to be a student.
    I just fell for how helpful they are, which I use their stuff and I've passed all 3 tests the first time. I also use the textbooks Excelsior recommends. So in the end I'm passing my tests, that's my goal and it is what it is. I wish I had the money to Pay for The College Network stuff but I can't say that isn't helping me either.

    It is true, you do not have go thru them to get into Excelsior.
  10. by   N1colina
    [FONT="Tahoma"]I am a current customer with The College Network, and a student with Excelsior College. When I signed up with TCN I did not realize you could get a degree from Excelsior ALONE, I thought you HAD to go through TCN. So, I got suckered into it, like many others. I will admit their modules were helpful to study for the exams, as they were the only materials I ever used, and I passed each and every exam.....BUT now I am stuck with this $5000 loan that only pays for the cost of my exams and modules. I still had to pay for my tuition to Excelsior, of course. I know you are going to hear a mix of opinions about TCN, but I am telling you the honest truth. Like I said, their modules DID help me pass my Excelsior exams, but it was very expensive. If I could do it over again, I wouldn't have went through them, and just studied with alternate study material that's all. Hope that helps you, and good luck on whatever you decide!