Has anyone attended Suny Delhi's online RN-BSN program?

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    hello every one...i'm thinking of taking RN-BSN online courses with SUNY DELHI...the thing is i dont know how online courses work? is it entirely online? is there a fixed time for the classes? do u get to meet your professors and other students? do you go to clinicals?does financial aid cover the tuition?? do i have to take GEN-ED courses online too? I actually was gonna go to LEHMAN College in the Bronx.. but it would take me 2-2.5yrs to complete my BSN compared to Delhi's 1 year... and lastly, would it look bad on my resume if i completed an online degree?
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    Our CC has a credit transfer affiliation with Suny Delhi. I can't give you a lot of information on it except that our nursing lab assistant instructor is completing her RN-BSN there right now and briefly showed me the online forum. You are able to talk to other students or get to know them via the forum like most online courses, however she did say that the courses are intense. She said be prepared to type up A LOT of papers since that's all your basically graded on for your nursing courses. She also recommended having a year or two experience working as an RN so you go in with a decent amount of knowledge. It's a very good program though and they take out of state students and charge the same tuition as in state for the RN-BSN and are very affordable compared to some other online RN-BSN programs. They do have financial aid, since it's a state school of course. In regards to taking other Gen Ed courses online along with your nursing courses I am sure they can help you with that, but I don't have all the details. Hope that helps a LITTLE.
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    I am currently in the Delhi RN-BSN program. I am only on my second course but I can give you some information. Each class is 7 weeks long. There is a small break and then another class starts. I am taking one class at a time but there is an excelerated program which is two classes at a time I think. The first course you have to take is Introduction to online RN-BSN. It basically gets you used to their system. You learn their email system, online discussions, how to upload papers etc. You also learn how to do APA format which was tough for me. Citations and references are not easy for me. They have a great library program online that they teach you how to use. I don't think I will ever have to go to an actual library. There are weekly discussions in which you use their discussion forum. You have to post one original post and reply to three of the other students posts during the week. You also have to do these in APA format with references and citations. Cost is about 200 a credit. There are summer classes available. So far, it is very doable for me. You never meet the instructors but they reply to your emails quickly. There is also a forum for questions and other information in which you can make comments or ask questions. The teachers are very supportive. Clinicals are required and you have to do them at an accepted place. I work at a hospital in NY and my hospital is accepted already. I have to find a nurse with a BSN or higher (I am going to follow a NP) and use them as a preceptor. I have not got to that part of the program yet. If the place you pick is not on their list, you have to get it approved. I think the clinicals are 45 hours for the 7 weeks. I could be wrong though. So far, I like the program. I am taking statistics right now because I stupidly did not take it for my ADN. They require statistics so you will have to take it right away or transfer it. Hope this helps.
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    Thank you for the info, Are you finished with the program. I am interested in applying for the fall. Do you still have the list for an approved site for clinicals. I work at at SUNY hospital im curious my job is on the list. Can you please give more feedback of the program? Thanks.
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    Thanks for your generosity in filling in the gaps, Metfan! Suny Delhi's website is very informative, but you filled in the gaps for me. Cheers.