Fort Hays State University

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    Hey guys,

    I am strongly considering this school to do my RN-BSN. It attracts me for a number of reasons. 100% online, low cost, accredited, 30 credit hours for RN-BSN, good reputation, and not many general education classes to take. I have read all the post on allnurses about the school. What I would like to get more info on from the people who have graduated or attended is how is the quality of the education. Is the program organized well? How are the instructors? What did you think about the work load for the classes. Any other advice or feedback would be appreciated.

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    I am right there with you.. Any info on this school would be greatly appreciated :-)
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    I originally looked into this program but decided on another program because all the prerequisites have to be taken BEFORE you are even admitted into the BSN program. They required 2 courses in patho also and an algebra course which my program doesn't require. Price is good but not the right fit for me.
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    I graduated in May and enjoyed the overall program. Some instructors were better than others. I had a few that were terrible, but I got out of the classes what I put in, which I think is typical for online learning. I was attracted by their low cost, which was more important to me at the time.
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