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Wow! I feel so much better about EC's program now that I have contacted my advisor & truly figured out what I need to satisy the LPN-RN program. I have been so frustrated trying to complete my RN degree! I recieved my LPN through... Read More

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    Congrats on your decision. I am slowly getting there, haven't taken my first exam yet due to constant schedule changes and working long hours. I have since got back into things and have decided to schedule my first exam. I really got inspired over the past month especially since I found out that my DON was an Excelsior grad! Smartest nurse I know and very professional in her position. So I am all smiles heading towards my RN degree.
    I haven't taken my first exam either. I have paid for the A&P exam and now have til Nov to take it, but I'm getting really nervous about it as I am now trying to sort through all the info. I still need to buy the practice exams, I'm sure that will help, especially with determining how well I already know the info. It feels good to finally commit, like you I have been enrolled for awhile, life just got in the way...but now I'm grabbing the bull by the horns & not letting anything stop me!