Failed last class to earn BSN -help.

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    I'm looking for options. I had a second failure in my final semester of BSN at a school in Georgia. Is there an alternative path for someone in my situation? I have passed everything needed to graduate except this one class (med/surg). Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. I am so close, I do not want to stop short. Thanks.

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    If you hold an LPN license or another professional healthcare certification, you may be eligible for the Excelsior College ADN option. Go to their website and look up the current requirements as well as their current standing in GA.
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    Thanks for your response I do not have any other licenses. I have worked as a transcriptionist an an MA(uncertified)
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    Gosh, sorry this is happening to you. Excelsior is a viable Plan B for many. My understanding is that they used to accept MAs in the program, but haven't for many years now. You can still check out their website to make certain that is still the case. Also, ask your program advisor what she recommends. You will have a difficult time finding another program, but it is not impossible. You might have to relocate. Best wishes.
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    I called Excelsior and they said they no longer accept students that were dismissed from a nursing program. This is a new policy. I'm looking for an Excelsior replacement. Thanks
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    I was suggesting that you attempt the EC program based on a background in healthcare as evidenced by a license, not the "50% of an RN program" option that they did away with last December. News to me that they no longer allow people to enroll that have been dismissed from another program, after all, that is where many of their previous students have come from. Sounds as if they are purposely limiting their program, perhaps, to gain credibility. Have never seen another program like Excelsior. That is what used to make it so advantageous.
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    WGU has a pre-licensure program, but only in a few states (Indiana, Texas and California - I think). Might be worth a look.
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    Thanks, I called WGU last Friday. They were very understanding They also find it hard to bealive that there is not an alternative option offered. Still looking for that best path to use all this education and achieve my BSN.
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    How much did you fail by and what class is it that you failed? Is there anyway you can talk to your professor or director of the nursing program? I know the school that I attended if you failed 2 nsg courses you could not go back. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Have you considered getting your LPN and going from there? Just a suggestion.
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    My final grade was 73 in med/surg with a passing grade being a 75. The LPN path is not the direction I want to take. I'm determined to finish the BSN. I invested to much time, effort and Money to give up.
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