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Excelsior: Health and Safety EXAM

  1. 0 I recently applied to Excelsior and I want to take the Health and Safety exam but Im not sure what to study. I recieved the content guide but where do I get the study guides? I saw the books that were recommended also do i need all of those? any help would greatly be apprieciated
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    The exam content guide is your syllabus. Textbooks of some sort would be a good idea! Some students buy one edition back from the current edition to save money.

    This is a good thread to read: http://allnurses.com/distance-learni...re-322538.html

    Lots of great info in there.

    For studying, I used textbooks, notes from StudyGroup101 (http://www.studygroup101.com), flashcards from flashcardexchange.com, and the EC practice exams.
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    Best way to study for EC Nursing Concepts Exams? Get a Saunder's Comprehensive Reveiw for the NCLEX-RN, and study the part that is relevant to your NC test. The book costs less than $40, and you can get it on Amazon. It comes with a CD with study questions and rationals.
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    i just took the health safety test on monday and i passed with a b.
    i am a paramedic so i ve never had any nursing theory material and found my brain had to think differently.
    although i have bought a lotttt of recomended text books, for the most part, i didnt crack em at all.
    at first i did with the fundamentals but all the nursing theory stuff made my brain hurt.
    so for about 12 hours over the week before--3 or 4 hours on saturday and all day sunday--i study stuff i got off ebay from studygroup101 and did a computer-base exam (something like over 200 questions) from ahhh can't think of the name of the seller but the cd is called excelsior nursing health safety computer-based exam cd. in addion too those two, i bought linda arends study guide and did look at but she has her logo on all the pages and it's hard to read. so i found i had so much material to look at when i was down to the wire i just stayed with studygroup and the computer-based exam cd.
    i will say that i was freaking out that morning. my exam was at 3:30pm. but when i sat down and started taking the exam after a few questions i felt "this is too easy of a exam" and started to relax. i did feel i had a 100% of course i didnt and was really upset that i didnt. so i think the computer-based cd and studygroup did help.