Degree of Difficulty taking LPN through distance ed.

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    I am thinking about taking the LPN course through NorQuest by their distance ed. program, and I was wondering if anyone knows hord hard it is / how much time daily needs to be spent working because I need to know if I could keep my job while doing this course. I work 5 days a week 8:30 - 6:00 so I would have to do all the schoolwork after work or on weekends. Would this be possible or would I not have enough time?
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    Just a question- how do you do your clinicals?
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    Also what I was wondering.
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    Never heard of an online LPN program. Where is the clinical portion?
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    Looked it up out of curiosity. I believe that it is in Canada. This is their brief description.

    • Self-paced study (theory course work that you may complete in your own home)
    • Courses will start on the first calendar day of the month with course registration completed by the 10th day of the previous month.
    • Open lab workshops offered in Edmonton; all lab skills assessments are completed in Edmonton
    • Instructors available for help by contact through email or by telephone
    • Instructor-led clinical practice in Edmonton or surrounding areas
    • Final clinical practice is preceptored and may be arranged in or close to your own community.
    • Each course must be completed within specified timelines.
    • Course print materials, DVDs demonstrating nursing skills, and skills practice kits are available.