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CSUDH RN-BSN online - page 2

Hello, I'm about to finish my ADN this Dec, and I am planning on completing my BSN ASAP. I just found out I was accepted into cal-state dominguez hills' RN-BSN program. I'm currently trying to... Read More

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    Hello all,

    I anticipate to start the online RN to BSN in fall 2012 as well. I'm currently not sure on what I have to do next. I've emailed the nursing program director this morning and still waiting for a response. Does anybody know what I would have to do next??
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    Hey, I will start this Fall 2012 too. When you received the e-mail can you let me know? Thank You.

    I read BSN news letter and it said to attend nursing new student orientation. The invitation will be sent to you. So I guess we have to wait for the invitation, right?
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    I just looked on their website and there isn't a nursing orientation posted. There is one from last Fall but the notice wasn't sent until April for an August orientation. I'd say there is still some planning ahead for the school
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    Cool. April is not too far from today. Thank You.
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    Does anyone have experience with csudh online bsn 405 statistics course? I am nervous about taking statistics online.
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    I received the csudh orientation information for fall 2012. I was not aware that I would not be able to complete the orientation on-line. It will cost me a day off work, flight, hotel and car rental to attend a 4 hour orientation in Carson. I am having second thoughts about attending this program.
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    I read the News letter. It says the orientation is just "strongly recommend." You don't have to go.

    "At the orientation, you will receive instruction about the Blackboard online courses and the CSUDH onlinelibrary databases; learn about the CSUDH Graduate Writing Exam requirement and important School of
    Nursing policies; and have the opportunity to meet with staff and faculty in the School of Nursing."

    Those informations should be easily found in their web site. If you have any queston later on may be you can post it here and people will help you out.

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    What orientation are you talking about? Someone from the school called me today and said there isn't an RN to BSN orientation scheduled yet.
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    I received a BSN new students e-mail saying that the orientation will be on July 12 and Aug 14.
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    Correction: the orientation date is either July 12 OR Aug 14. Sorry about that.

    Also you can check your toromail.csudh.edu e-mail. I received e-mails from BSN Coordinator here and not my usual e-mail.
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    Can you shed any light on your decision? I'm also debating these two schools. Thanks!

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    Quote from nur994
    Does anyone have experience with csudh online bsn 405 statistics course? I am nervous about taking statistics online.
    It's totally easy and prof rust is great.
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    What is Nur302 like? I know it's an entry-level course, but I would like a better idea of what to expect this summer.