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    So far the cheapest online RN-BSN program that I have found is at the University of Wyoming.


    2006 - 2007 Academic Year:

    $94.00 per credit hour

    $159.00 per credit hour

    Online Fee

    In addition to tuition, students will be assessed an online fee of $40 per credit hour with a minimum of $50. The Online Fee is non-refundable after the Add/Drop period.

    so that's $94 + 40=135 times 3 =$402 per 3 unit class.

    So anyone else find anything cheaper than that?

    Just looking to save some money and pass the info along
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    Quote from faeriewand
    so far the cheapest online rn-bsn program that i have found is at the university of wyoming.


    2006 - 2007 academic year:

    $94.00 per credit hour

    $159.00 per credit hour

    online fee

    in addition to tuition, students will be assessed an online fee of $40 per credit hour with a minimum of $50. the online fee is non-refundable after the add/drop period.

    so that's $94 + 40=135 times 3 =$402 per 3 unit class.

    so anyone else find anything cheaper than that?

    just looking to save some money and pass the info along
    this is from the long rn to bsn online sticky:

    Quote from cbarnett2
    this the best tuition deal i have seen yet...

    fort hays state university

    tuition $102.60 per credit hour ($3811.25 total for rn to bsn with books & tuition)
    ccne approved
    no traveling required

    this is from fort hays state university's website:

    this is from online degree reviews dot org:
    unbiased online degree reviews

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    home > colleges > fort hays state university > fort hays state university > online nursing rn to bsn program
    fort hays state university - fort hays state university
    online nursing rn to bsn program
    by: anonymous (in progress) on july 28, 2007

    materials: teachers:
    institution: support:
    value: technology:


    although fhsu virtual college is affordable, the technology is extremely problematic. the blackboard online lecture system is constantly down, exams cut off in the middle and then you must wait days for an instructor to reset the exam. instructions for assignments are often unavailable and grading criteria is frequently unclear. although they will extend deadlines due to the frequent computer system failures, this does not present a feasible solution to the problem since uncompleted assignments just stack up while one is waiting for the blackboard system to be repaired. the computer help desk is not available during the hours when working students need assistance. administration frequently fails to respond to emails. one instructor, by means of web postings to students, seems quite uncaring. i really don't want to do this program but since i've already invested so much money in it, i just don't have a choice. i would not recommend this program to others until the technological systems are fixed.
    you can help by writing a review

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    while cost is a key criteria for attending college, there are other important factors to consider also. how long is each term? is there a clinical component? can you be assured that before you enroll, the classes you are transferring in will be accepted or will it be oops, gotcha, we changed our minds, you will have to take additional classes after all.
    just kidding! thanks for passing along the good information. san diego is all that!
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    Good point guerrierdelion. Students still need to do their homework on each institution they are interested in.
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    The University of Wyoming was recommended to me by the nrusing dpt cordinator at the University of South Dakota where I attended. USD is an NLN gold standard I trust her judgement. When I go on for my BSN..I will prabably try to go with University of Wyoming.
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    Anymore suggestions?
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    Not so far, U of W and Fort Hays are the cheapest I have found online. U of W has a very good reputation.
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    Ive been looking at both U of Wyoming and Fort Hays. The only thing is that U of Wyoming requires a clinical portion during your last course that requires 120 hours of clinical time. That adn working full time, family, etc. has made me look elsewhere. Fort Hays looks good as well, but the draw back there, for me is, will have to take a college algebra as I think the one I have may be tool old, and then it looks like there are a bunch of higher level electives you have to have as well. If Im reading this wrong, please, someone set me straight, as I would love to jump at the Fort Hays program.

    Right now, Im checking out Western Governor's Univ as they require NO clinical, but the down side, for me again, is the up front tuition for the 6 month 'term' all at once and the fact that I will be trying to cram in as much as I possibly can in THAT 6 months to get my $$$ worth !!!! the saying goes, nothing worth having is easy, lol !
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    I'm actually starting Fort Hays right now. I've just had my transcripts reviewed and have my classes lined up. Is there somewhere posted that they say you can't have anything too old? I haven't read that. I've got classes dating from way back! I too have looked into WGU and that's a good option. I'm just going to stick with FHSU. The last two classes you take there will be some clinical portion required but wherever I work will be good to let me do what I need so I see no problem. Where I work now would work out my schedule and everything. I want to get my degree by 12/2012 so I'm heading in that direction starting now!
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    Kimber, Have you asked the counselors if there is a time limit to classes?
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    Hey Fairiewind,

    I actually spoke with someone live yesterday, and it's not that my classes are too old, the math I did have does not constitute a "college" level algebra and a few other classes I guess do not correlate to what they want. So, in the end, it looks like I will have to take a few extra classes: the algebra, the oral communication/speech, and then the other requirements that they have: 12 humanities (think I haev), 3 interdisciplinary credits, and 12 social/behavioral sciences. Im not exactly sure what these represent....could you use your Sociolgoy, Psychology and Developmental psych for this? And what about the Humanties?

    sigh, sigh.....this is what is putting me off as I DO NOT want to take anything extra...I just don't have the time or $$ for that unfortunately

    I am currently looking into Ohio State and also SUNY RN to BSN and am waiting to hear back on a few of the particulars.
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