Anyone apply for the Frontier Nursing University 112 class for Spring 2013?? - page 3

Hi! Just curious if anyone has applied for this class.... It would be nice to meet each other :)... Read More

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    Email from Frontier IT:Hey,**** Yes all students are required to purchase an Apple mobile device and there is no recommendation as to which device to purchase as any of the devices you mentioned below (as stated in the catalog) will do everything needed at the University. The iPod and iPhones are the same except the iPod does not have a calling feature that connects to cell phone towers like the iPhone. Many students purchase the iPad because the bigger screen is easier for them to work on but it is really personal preference in how much you wish to spend, what your situation is as far as cell phone plans go and how big of a device you want. If you have anymore questions please let me know, thanks.*Joel PughInformation Technology

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    Hmmmm. Interesting that the other lady said otherwise. Thank you so much. Load like another upcoming expense....
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    Hi! Has anyone that applied to 110 class heard any news yet?!
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    No news yet. Still waiting......
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    Admissions had some ? about my application, which were addressed. So, on Oct 1, I received an email from admissions telling me my application was complete and was submitted. The rep also said that their goal was to notify applicants 6 to 8 weeks prior to the Bound date applied for. That's kind of short notice for making travel plans, and this info is different than what I was told by a different admissions rep, but it is what it is.
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    That was the same email I received when my application was complete back in August. I agree, not much time for travel or even scheduling time off for work. But we do what we need to do for one of the best programs!
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    I just applied for class 113! Applications have to be in by the end of January. Clinical Bound isn't until mid May... it's going to be a long wait! Good luck to all of you!!!
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    I applied to Class 112 CNEP!

    This wait is horrific, let's see what happens. I called today and they told me that they closed applications for CFNP and CWHCNP but were still accepting applications for CNEP. (Which is what was said on their admissions calender as well, but it never hurts to ask...)

    So let's see.

    Anxiously hoping and praying. :S

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    I applied for 112 too !! I'm excited. I received the email that said my application was complete also - about two weeks ago - they also said their "goal" is to notify people 6-8 weeks before frontier bound. I'm excited, but dang, don't want to wait for the answer. Anyone hear the GPA or experience or anything about what it took for anyone to get in??????
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    ChiroRN, Me too! I applied to class 112 as well as to USA. I'm trying to decide which would be the program more suited for me. However, USA wants a firm decision by Dec 1, and we won't hear from Frontier until 6-8 weeks before Frontier Bound in March! Argh!

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