Any suggestions for a great RN to BSN school EXCLUSIVELY online? - page 3

Hello, I am currently a nursing student in CT, and I am confused about how I will able to get my BSN after I graduate from my current RN program. I have questions/concerns like: -Can I get my BSN in an online program based... Read More

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    @bubblejet50- is UNMC expensive?

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    University of Louisiana at Lafayette offering RN to BSN for $8500 all online. Go to
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    Wow, that does look fantastic! Are you doing that program, BonniesmomRN?
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    I'm sending my transcripts to find out more about their required general ed credits I may need. Waiting to see..but I hope to be starting n July.
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    Let me know about what you find out BonniesnmomRN, I've glanced at that program too. I'm still doing some research, but that school is a possibility for me.
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    Is anyone currently in Regis University's Online RN-BSN program? I'm interested in applying, but would like to know what the cost of the program is. The College Network is stating the likes of $15k for a ballpark figure.
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    Stay clear of the college network!!!
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    I'm enrolling in Anna Maria College's online RN-BSN program. I wanted a program from a brick-and mortar school with a good reputation that would let me go at my own pace. I grew up nearby, and the nursing program has a very good reputation. It's 100% online, and tuition is about $450 per credit (cheaper than my state U), and sessions are 8 weeks long. I'm starting in May, and if I take one class at a time, I'll have my degree in 2-1/2 years.
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    Quote from twinmommy+2
    I am currently attending American Military University, which is part of the American Public University System, and has RN-BSN totally online. The price is good, and even though I live local to it I havn't had to see anyone in person, in fact for one issue I offered to come and see them but they prefered to do things online which was fine and it worked out.

    As long as you are attending a program that is accredited, you are golden. That is really all employers care about.
    How are the classes there? Tough easy? Do you recommend any teachers?

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