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I carry a RN LICENSE IN MICHIGAN AND FLORIDA.. EVERYONE DOES A BACK GROUND CHECK. Does any one have any ideas? It was so easy to get my Florida lisense recently, the board knows everything about me.. why can't someone give me a... Read More

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    Quote from colleenrn2b
    i'm in wi. i had a classmate with 4, yes four dui convictions have no problem sitting for the nclex pn exam and getting hired...
    unfortunately, employers--and bons--operate on a case-by-case basis, so there's no guarantee that because someone else with a record got hired that you will. on the brighter side, it also works the other way: just because they rejected someone else because of their record doesn't mean you'll be automatically rejected too.

    unfortunately #2, just because the bon granted you a license doesn't mean that employers have to hire you based on your criminal record. employers have the right to set their own standards and can accept or reject applicants accordingly.

    is it fair? not always. but that's how it is

    op: i don't know what your felonies involve nor do i want to know. i would keep applying everywhere and anywhere possible. and like you approached the bons when you got your licensed: be upfront about your criminal record--because if they find out on their own, that pretty much guarantees that you will not be hired. explain to employers what happened, the restitution you made, and how you've learned and grown from it. if you can, try to get personal references from people that can vouch for your character.

    the job market is bad period, and for those with records it is doubly so. i sincerely wish you the best of luck.

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    Got the Job and orientating in the ER.
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    Quote from KellzRn
    Got the Job and orientating in the ER.
    Congratulations KellzRn
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    Congrats to KellzRN. God DOES answers prayers

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