Waiting on approval to practice nursing with a Juvenile record - page 3

Okay so i took nclex passed and was waiting for my nursing licenses... unfortunately springfield contacts me and says i cannot practice medicine because of a retail theft that happened when i was a juvenile that i never got... Read More

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    Good news finally got nursing license, just had to get a court letter and submit it from the juvenile clerk office !! .Happy... Thank u Jesus !!

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    After getting a written letter from the court, i finally got my nursing license !! It is possible to get your nursing license if u do have a criminal background, esp. as a juvenile
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    Congrats on getting ur license!!
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    Quote from MissRNBlue803
    Congrats on getting ur license!!
    Thanks !!!!!
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    Congratulations on getting your license!!!!
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    Hey what was your situation with Bon?
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    Merged threads..
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    @ nurse_shyia . I need help. I have a similar problem. Can you please help me! I have to write a BON letter.

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