Trying to become NP or DNP educator with BAD background

  1. I had 3 DUI's already when I entered nursing school and got in with no problem. My license was approved without a MPE, even though it did take awhile for the board to review all my documentation. I was charged with a 4th DUI earlier this year and have been attending AA meetings and nurse recovery meetings for the last 6 months. I was told that when my license is put on probation there is a possibility I will not be given a narc restriction (in my state, multiple sources) due to having no drug charges.

    I have not self-reporting to the board because I am debating on whether to fight the charge or not, and am weighing my options. I decided to go back to school (since I can't work) and will have gone from an ADN to a MSN in nursing education.

    My next goal is to become either a FNP, ANP, Psychiatric NP, or get a DNP in nursing education. I plan to return to bedside nursing early next year as I approach 1 year in recovery. I understand that recovery and a sound mind is the MOST IMPORTANT thing, and have made the decision to attend AA for the rest of my life and am accepting of the 2-4 years of probation my license will go under if I am convicted.

    I am wondering if anyone can give me any insight into the difficulty in getting a job. I am concerned that many of these positions may not even be open to someone in my position. The individuals in the nurse recovery groups have assured me that getting back into bedside nursing will not be a problem as long as I am determined to stay the course.

    If anyone has any constructive advice I would really appreciate it. Facts are fine, including painful facts, but please be respectful. I have been through a roller coaster of emotions already, but am determined to use logic to plan the best path forward for myself despite my past history.
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  3. by   CDub72
    Hey Smart*
    First I want to say that Im glad you're on the way to recovery, and it seems that you're doing a good job in your rehab. However I'm a pre-nursing student, and am now working in law enforcement.. I think it all depends on what state you're intending to practice at. I know that you are unable to expunge your DUI record , but am not sure if you can still *seal your DUI record or if that will help. Also if you are not working right now, maybe you should look into what happens if you report yourself to the board and the possible actions they can take against your license... For example, if they were to decide to suspend your license for 2-3 years you can have applied to a DNP program , and begin taking courses before they take action.. By the time you finish maybe your suspension will be lifted by that time and you'll be ok.. Im not sure- but I hope everything works out for you, and congrats on your recovery process.
  4. by   CDub72
    **Meant to say, i dont believe you are able to expunge a DUI..
  5. by   HouTx
    It just so happens that I just went through the process of renewing my license (Tx) and the application requires you to 'fess up' to any and all legal infractions except Class C misdemeanors (parking & speeding tickets). You also have to declare all expunged incidents. My state requires you to contact the BON within a very short time period after an incident occurs.. otherwise, you are in clear violation of our NPA.

    Admission to NP educational programs is very strict because the underlying assumption is that their graduates will be able to police themselves and work without direct supervision. NPs employed in acute care are subjected to the medical staff credentialing process, which usually involves a very thorough background screen.

    Background checks for faculty or clinical instructors is also very stringent. And for the record, the graduate degree which prepares nurse educators is not an NP... usually designated as an MSN with specialization in professional development. Educator doctoral preparation is normally either a PhD or EdD... dunno about a DNP.
  6. by   blondielocks
    I am not a nurse yet (still taking my pre-reqs) but I just wanted to say kudos to you for being responsible and logical about everything, and I wish you the best of luck.
  7. by   norz913
    Hey there, I have a quick question regarding the NP license. First off, what state are you in? I am in California, an RN (currently in an RN-BSN program and thinking of switching to a NP program, just because my current RN-BSN program won't let me do clinicals until probation ends). I hear that after your probation ends, being an NP, you will have restrictions on your license? Is that true? I really don't want to sit on my hands while I wait until probation is over with in 2015. Is finding an NP job more difficult since you have completed the program. Any advice will be helpful. Thanks!!