There's hope for us!! (for those worried about background)

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    This email was sent to me from the Board of Nursing:

    "If your offense was a misdemeanor, it would not have any impact on your eligibility licensure. If it was a felony, we would review it, taking into consideration your age at the time, the time that has elapsed since then, whether the crime was drug or substance abuse related, etc. If you complied with the conditions of the court at the time and have no other issues, it would most likely not impact your eligibility for licensure.

    Please bear in mind that we cannot speak for future employers. They may do a criminal background check and have questions concerning your past. If your offense was a misdemeanor, I doubt that it will have any serious impact on employment."

    After being so depressed, this email was very encouraging. So I hope this can do the same for you!!
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    I kind of hesitate to say I told you so, I told you so!!!

    I'm happy you took the initiative to investigate this issue w/ the powers the be -- very constructive and proactive. This puts this issue behind you and allows you to concentrate on your studies. So great you don't have to have this issue weighing on you.

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    Glad that you got some good news While you still have to deal with the BON's review eventually, at least you know that the chances aren't as bad as you think...and you can focus on your schoolwork for now.
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    I would have to say this is a state by state case. California would not send a letter like this. If you have a DUI you will be placed on 3 years probation. My friend got denied licensure for a 102mph speeding ticket because the board stated it was risky behavior and she needed to wait 3 years from offense. I am on probation for a 1 time DUI in 2008. California is the strictest state on nurses
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    Where did you find an email address to ask this question.?
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    Quote from caligirl4ever
    Where did you find an email address to ask this question.?
    Most if not all BONs have contact information, including e-mails, listed on their websites. You can find a listing of all state BONs at:
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    Quote from Meriwhen

    Most if not all BONs have contact information, including e-mails, listed on their websites. You can find a listing of all state BONs at:

    Yup, I got it on the website and emailed them.
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    Dinguino I agree with you. I live in California and have a dui charge. I already know that this will be a bump on the road to being a nurse. I called the BRN in Arizona and they said they would likely review the dui but they would not deign me a license because of it.
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    Can you please indicate what state this is from, as all states are different.
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    If any one has questions related to this topic just post them here. I cannot respond to private messages because all nurses won't let me. Again if you have any alcohol related misdemeanor charge you will be placed on probation. Since I am on probation for a one time DUI charge I have to attend nurse support groups and I see what people are put on probation for. Our newest new grad nurse on probation had a one time DUI in 2003. Please don't believe people telling you that w a DUI the board won't put you on probation because it is simply not true. They have black and white rules. Any DUI or alcohol/drug related offense and you will be placed on probation. I am simply trying to help you new grads out. Go get a license in another state first then apply to California. Dont apply for a license in ca first and get put on probation then go to another state because if your on probation in one state then the state you are applying for will most likely follow suite. Good luck

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