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Hi my names josh.. well im 25 years old and right now im about to get my ged. ive been studying for about a month so im pretty confident.. :) last week i was looking at all the different career paths and i picked nursing because... Read More

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    Quote from wontquit
    ive googled it for a while and found this... The Nursing Requirements in Michigan Regarding a Misdemeanor | it seems like they want you to go to school graduate then tell you if theres too much on your record.
    Every BON decides these cases on an individual basis, so that's the reality: there is no way to know for certain if you will be licensed until you jump through all of the hoops of school and then apply.

    Fair? Not always.

    You can definitely contact the BON to get their opinion (you can do it anonymously if you prefer) but keep in mind that most BONs will not give you a definite answer until you apply for licensure.

    In the meanwhile, talk to a lawyer to see what you can do about improving your record (i.e., expunging or sealing what you can). Unfortunately this action won't help when you deal with the BON since almost all BONs require disclosure of expunged, etc. charges anyway. But should you successfully get licensed, it may help improve your chances with the employers.

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    Quote from CP2013
    Not to rain on your parade, but have you read about all the new grads WITHOUT a criminal background that are having trouble finding a job in certain areas? Check out how many new grads are actually hired in your area before you committed to nursing. No sense in going to school only to find the job market for inexperienced nurses is bad, PLUS you have a record so no one will take a chance on you when they have hundreds of other students without one.
    That's another thing to keep in mind. Just because a BON decides to give you a license doesn't mean that employers have to welcome your criminal history with open arms. They will run their own background checks and have the right to refuse to hire you based on what they find. Hence my advice in the prior post to talk to a lawyer to see what you can about your record to improve your chances.

    It is tough to get hired with a record: CP2013's right in that there's way too many nurses without records that employers can choose from. It's not impossible, but very tough. You can't undo what you did in the past--what you can do is show that you've made restitution, learned your lesson and grew from your mistakes.

    Best of luck.
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    well the job market for nurses here is supposed to go up.. im not sure of exaxtly how much. i thought that sense i would be a male nurse it would be easier for me then the girls who went to school with me...
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    I thought it would be easy to get into nursing sense im a guy.. it really sucks defending myself may have ruined my future..
    growing up in detroit u learn to push back when pushed. i just dont see any other 2 year degrees worth getting with this econemy..
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    If you got snagged for driving on a suspended license that means you have other charges--the one(s) leading to get it suspended. I am sorry, but I think it would be very difficult for you. You might need to think of another career path. Especially since you mentioned money as the reason for wanting to be a nurse. You need to get your life together, do some volunteer or community work to improve your character image, and let some time pass. You can go ahead and take some general ed courses that you would need for college, then decide if nursing is your calling. The GED is not a problem--that's what I have. Good luck.
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    Another thought is to see if any of the charges against you were dismissed once you completed what the court mandated you to. If they were, it should show up as "dismissed" on your record, and you could go to the Probate dept. and see about getting your record looked at to not have the dismissed charges show up on your record. If they were not dismissed, that is another story. Also, if there were juvenile records, then they also could be hidden as to not show up on a CORI. I am NOT giving legal advice, just to look at what exactly a CORI form would say about you, or a criminal backround check.
    Another thought is to go through an EMT course of study. It doesn't take as long as a degree, you can look into the criminal stuff there--I think it is just felony convictions in most states but research it, and it will get you working in the medical field sooner and perhaps while you continue with a college degree.
    Good luck and let us know what happens!
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    It still wouldn't hurt to call, but a quick look on the MI BON website FAQ section revealed this:
    If I have been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor, will this stop me from obtaining a Michigan license?
    This type of information will be reviewed on an individual basis. We ask that you submit your application, fee and information regarding the occurrence. The Board will review your file and make a decision at that time. Please keep in mind that we do take into consideration the type of conviction, the age that you were when the incident occurred and the time that has elapsed since the conviction.
    LARA - If I have been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor, will this stop me from obtaining a Michigan license?
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    Work on while getting your pre-req's. Many (per-req's) will go with other career paths in the health care field, if you decide to change your path.

    I'm a high school drop-out only completing the 8th is not difficult compared to the real world. You will be fine, just don't let up. Make straight A's and you will be providing proof you have changed.
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    Maybe consider something like community counseling or AODA counseling where real-world experiences like yours are seen as a positive, rather than a negative (being able to relate to people).
    Wishing you well on your GED and future plans.
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    I'm a nursing student in Michigan (one of State universities) and we have to fill background check paperwork every semester. It says explicidly there that no student ever convicted with any type of felony associated with violence toward any living creature is allowed to do clinicals. We also had to do fingerprints and they were run through federal database. They even found all three sets of mine and had me explaining why I had to pass the security check more than once.

    We were told plainly before beginning that there will be no graduation if anything more than plain speeding ticket "happens" because the school didn't want students who were likely to get problems with BON and licensing.
    In addition, many places want you to drive to clinicals. My school requires students to have unrestricted driver's licence.

    I think that other schools may have similar requirements, as they come from hospitals. I understand that the rules might be perceived as unfair, but it would be even more unfair if you spend time and money on pre-reqs and even get accepted, and then find that you cannot continue because there's no hospital which will allow you to walk in it. School counselors won't tell you that, as they care only about admissions. Ask you lawyer to write to a Dean or Director of Nursing a letter (it may identify you only as a "client") with your situation's description and current stellar recommendations, and see what she says. Try to find nursing schools which accepted students with criminal history before.

    P.S. if you have or had any problems with anger management, look for professional help and solve them as completely as possible before you even think about applying. You'll need it.

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