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I know this topic has been discussed ad nauseum but wanted to add my story to help those who have a record who are thinking about nursing school or are going to apply for a license. This has been my... Read More

  1. by   sj20fame
    Quote from dukes217
    He's right! All I heard was negative, negative, negative also; However, I made it through and I'm working as a nurse with a felony conviction (agg battery) My best advice to all u out there wondering is it possible, is be confident, tell the truth, and apply any and everywhere. If you are one of those nurses that think, "Oh I can't work in a nursing home; I can't work anywhere but a hospital"! Forget it! Those places are all on a hiring freeze these days and you best believe your application is at the bottom of the stack. Real nurses just want to help people no matter where the good lord leads them. I'm not saying look for the worst; but ,dont limited yourself to where every other nurse in the whole city is applying for eithier. Especially all you Rn's with criminal history... Best wishes all, I know I'm a happy nurse, with where I'm at
    Thank you so much!! I'm going to continue to pursue my career in nursing no matter what, like you said I will apply EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE!
  2. by   acp0041
    Great news! I just got offered a part time position today at a very reputable SNF in our area! So now I have my foot in the door and once I earn my BSN I will have a crack at those hospital jobs Persistence pays off in the end people!