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Hello all, I am in real need of advice so if anyone is in my same book or has had a similar issue please let me know how you resolved it. Thanks! Here goes... I recently received a DUI in June... Read More

  1. by   weemsp
    Nurses are NOT held to a " higher standard" in the eyes of the law.

    Mistakes are made....end of story! Can we please NOT make these people ( who in my opinion showed great courage in even sharing their stories in this...a PUBLIC FORUM) feel worse than they do.
    I'm sure...there is nothing we can post on here that these people haven't already said to themselves ( and then some). They have done the deed and paid the piper....time to move along!!
    I'm sorry I don't have any other help to offer ( being a Canadian) but I can offer my support and encouragement!!
    Keep us posted on your progress!
  2. by   kguill975
    Quote from MissM.RN
    OP, 0.22? after you were sleeping too?? That tells me your bac was probably higher when you put the keys in the ignition....and you still showed extremely poor judgement by getting behind the wheel in the first place. people with that kind of judgement probably shouldn't be nurses. You and other posters can kick/scream/flame me, but that is the truth. nurses are held to a higher standard. could have killed someone. or yourself. think about that.
    Miss M.RN- Read the recent reports on night shift nurses driving home after a long shift, and you'll see the impairment is almost the same as someone who has been drinking. Are you going to lambast us too? A poor decision was made, have a little compassion.

    Also, nurses aren't held to a higher standard. If I fall asleep driving after a night shift and kill someone, the judge or jury wouldn't have anymore sympathy for me than they would for a truck driver who drove all night long.
  3. by   RN_stucky621
    Quote from stucky621
    I am also in a similar situation (1st time DUI during school). What someone recommended here on the forums is to go to a MD or DO psychiatrist that is an addiction specialist and have them do an alcohol evaluation on you. If this was truly a one time lapse of judgement than it'll look better during your appeals process when you have a letter stating that you aren't addicted to alcohol. The poster who recommended this is from California, also got a 1st time DUI during nursing school, got initially denied, but was given an unrestricted RN license during appeals (you can search the forum the thread is still around). Best of luck to you
    So after about a year and a half I am very happy to announce that the BRN has dropped their disciplinary actions against my application and I am free to take the NCLEX to get an UNRESTRICTED license. Even though you think your life is gonna be over its not! Keep your head up everyone as you will eventually get through this as well.