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I just wanted to post some info about the California BRN and dui's since there isn't a lot of information out there. In my 3rd semester of school I made a stupid decision to drink and drive. I got caught and received a... Read More

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    Sorry for the delays in getting back to people. I'm pretty swamped with messages but I'm trying to get back to all of you. You will be denied. That's a fact. However, do not let this get you down because there is a process that you have to go through. Get a good attorney to help you with the DUI and get your court ordered terms finished ASAP. Again, I can't stress the importance of supporting documentation and try to find a MD in your area that specializes in addiction to evaluate you for the BRN. I don't know why the BRN dropped the charges to be honest. I just bombed them with supporting documentation and maybe it helped that I was already employed by a hospital and had letters of reccomendation from my managers (all are RN's). Lemme know if you have any questions

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    Quote from lifeinthefields
    bpowers5211 - So interesting! Really glad someone posted about this. I am in the pits right now and having someone explain what they went through has given me a timeframe (6 months!?)
    Since this wasn't posted too long ago, I'm a little more reassured that there is hope for me - even if its a stip, or probationary license after all is said and done...
    There sure are a lot more steps involved (attorney general, back and forth, etc.) No wonder it took 6 months.. Dang.
    I hope I have good news to share with once this fiasco has evolved into a fiesta of nursing license celebrating..
    thanks for sharing, hope we get an update soon ?
    Update is that I passed my NCLEX (even after 6 months off, you all will do just fine) and I have an interview on Wed.
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    did you pay for attorney when you enter the stipulated agreement? thank you for sharing your story.
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    Thanks Again BPower for your wisdom. I know you have been stressing the addictologist reference, but I have a reference from a psychologist stating I am not an addict. The psychologist did refer that I go to AA so I have been attending those meetings once a week which I was already attending right after I got my DUI in preparation for court. I got hired as a student nurse worker in May and do the duties of a CNA.

    So you really think the BON doesnt look at all those references (1 teacher, 1 spiritual leader, 2 AA members, psychologist) and a Log of 40 A.A meetings I sent to them originally, until the AG sends me the statement of issues.
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    Bpower i was just wondering when you send your letter to agree on entering a stipulation agreement what would i have to send in with that letter. Would i have to send in my letter of explanation about the misdemeanor and how i learned from the situation as well as all my character reference letters again
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    As bpowers stated, its probably better to get a letter from a psychiatrist (MD or DO) in addition to the one from your psychologist. Remember that it is up to you to show proof that you are rehabilitated and this was a one time lapse of judgment so the more evidence the better
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    Is there anyone out there who has lost there license because of a first time DUI? I would be surprised if that were so.
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    Hello , just want to say thanks to bpowers5211 for this awesome thread which was of great help to me in dealing with the BRN. I was in a similar situation DUI a few months before being accpeted into a nursing program, after graduation I applied to the BRN sent in all supporting documents ( work evaluation, refrence letters, police reports ect.) only to be denied 3 months later, I was pretty devestated, had lost all hope but decided to appeal, looooong story short the board dropped the charges and I just got my letter in the mail allowing me to test almost a whole year after graduation. I would recommend having your case dissmissed with the court who convicted you and if your still on court ordered probation getting released early , as well as complying with whatever terms the court had given you. I know every case is different but please please dont give up, know that God didnt let you come this far to let a pebble in the road stop you. Have faith and pray, accpet your mistakes and move on dont beat yourself up for it. We all make mistakes but sometimes those mistakes can make us better human beings and in our case a better nurse. Wish all of you good luck, and God Bless...p.s dont forget to pray
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    I was wondering when you say appeal, what does that mean exactly. From my understanding from reading bpowers post that there are several types, a formal hearing and an appeal in where you go into a stipulated agreedment with the brn in hopes that they put you on a probationary license. Im an also in the same situation and in the process of applying to take the test.
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    Curious to hear any updates from those who were waiting to hear from the Board about taking their tests......

    Also does anyone know if the board treats a wet reckless any different from a DUI?

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