Licensure with a Criminal History

  1. hello everyone,

    had to brush off the dust off my allnurses account .

    i used to comb these boards with little success on success stories of people with convictions getting past their boards.

    i always knew i wanted to be an rn. when i was a juvenile i received a felony theft charge which in reality was just a family dispute gone wrong....but i will not get into the details.

    i was worried getting accepted into my nursing program and now my board. i just wanted to let everyone out there know, with a record, it is possible. my application was approved and will be receiving my att soon. my board isn't very accepting too being one of the southern states.

    good luck to all, do not give up!
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  3. by   FLmomof5
    Good for you! I just got my ATT. I take my boards on Feb 7.

    The issue will really be getting hired! Only time will tell.
  4. by   XEnfoldYouX
    to be honest....i was more worried getting through the boards. my charges are expunged, and hidden from future employers. most first time juvenile offences in my state are expunged to prevent employment troubles into adulthood. just had to disclose everything to the board.
  5. by   winnieander
    i thought juvenile charges usually don't show up in background checks? you were under age of 18 right? anyway.. congrats. i was charged with petty theft when i was 18... and i'm almost done with school, 1 week remaining. super worried about the nclex registration process. wish me luck!
  6. by   Tiger747
    Depends on the state. In Indiana, you would still get a probationary license, which would beg the question at an interview: "Why the probationary license?"
    Whereupon you'd have to devulge the whole sordid past.

    The little lady ahead of me at the board meeting had a solitary D.U.I., and they threw the book at her because she was not attending A.A. Whew! I remember getting dizzy. When they called my name, my attitude was not one of fight, but one of total resignation-- I just didn't care. You cannot change silly biases.
  7. by   winnieander
    I see... Thanks. I'm probably gonna be required to go to the board meeting, which will be a pain since I live about 3 hrs away from Indianapolis. UGHH...