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  1. If you hold a license in more than one state upon your renewal do the board check your license for a disciplinary or do they leave it up to the nurse to report it ?
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    I would check with the BON in each state that you are licensed in to determine if/when you have to report a disciplinary action and/or conviction.

    If you have any legal questions regarding the reporting of a disciplinary action/conviction, you should consult with a lawyer, preferably one experienced in this field.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Most states ask applicants on licensure renewal for criminal and disciplinary history and will check license status in other states; expect other states also will take action.

    PA State Board of Nursing

    1. Have you been convicted, found guilty or pleaded nolo contendere, or received probation without verdict or accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD) as to any felony or misdemeanor, including any drug law violations, or do you have any criminal charges pending and unresolved in any state or jurisdiction? You are not required to disclose any ARD or other criminal matter that has been expunged by order of a court.

    2. For disciplinary reasons, have you ever withdrawn anapplication for a license, had an application for a license denied or refusedor agreed not to reapply for a license in any state, territory, possession orcountry? A license includes a registration or certification

    3. Have you had disciplinary action taken against your license, certificate or registration issued to you in any profession in any other state or jurisdiction?
    PA BON Disciplinary Actions 12/2012 examples (public names listed as initials here.)
    All Board Disciplinary Actions

    Out of State
    G. F., license no. RN601596, of Jasper, Alabama, was placed on an indefinite probation, subject to terms and conditions, because he received disciplinary action against his nursing licenses in the states of Alabama and Virginia. (10/29/12)

    D. T., license no. RN354943L, of Mullica Hill, New Jersey, had her license revoked based on finding she committed fraud and deceit in the practice of nursing or in securing her admission to such practice. (10/26/12)

    K. G., license no. RN318753L, of Toronto, Ohio, was automatically suspended for one year based on findings that she was convicted of a three misdemeanors under the Pennsylvania Drug Act.

    N K., license no. RN268025L, of Palm Bay, Florida, had a public reprimand placed on her permanent disciplinary record with the board because she received disciplinary action against her license to practice the profession by the proper licensing authority of another state. (12/04/12)

    S. R., license no. RN299602L, of Hockessin, Delaware, agreed to voluntarily permanently surrender his license because he failed to report information regarding disciplinary action taken against his nursing license by a licensing authority of another state within 90 days after its occurrence or on the biennial registration, whichever is sooner. (10/29/12)

    B. K., license no. RN207748L, of Sun Lake, Arizona had her Pennsylvania license indefinitely suspended based on disciplinary action taken by another state. (09/28/12)
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  5. by   tcjordan
    Ok thanks a lot one more question will the disciplinary you have be added to all your licenses or just in the state the disciplinary was acquired ?
  6. by   Meriwhen
    Quote from tcjordan
    Ok thanks a lot one more question will the disciplinary you have be added to all your licenses or just in the state the disciplinary was acquired ?
    I would guess that unless a specific state BON tells you otherwise, you'd have to report all disciplinary actions to the BON of each state you are licensed in, regardless of the state the convictions were obtained in. I've never seen a BON application that said, "you only need to report the convictions acquired in this state."

    For example, CA wants to know about any traffic violation over $300, regardless of whether it was an infraction (which aren't usually required to be reported to many BONs) or wherever you obtained it. So technically you could not have a felony or misdemeanor, but still need to report something depending on the BON's guidelines.

    Good luck.
  7. by   DavidKarl
    Lots of states are in compact agreements, meaning they know your status of licenses from other compact states. Aside from that, it's simple to find out, and the worst thing for you to do would be not to disclose any action against any license, right away, to every state you have a license for. In fact, in some states you have to report certain TRAFFIC tickets (I'm not talking about DUI, here- which is a criminal charge) to the BON. There's no getting around it, simple as that. An action against your license in one state does not also transfer to your other licenses. But, after you report to them all any action, you will most likely be investigated by all other states you are licensed in, and that can lead to actions against your other licenses. In fact, it's getting so stringent, that I'd suggest if you so much as get a speeding ticket, to call your BON to see if it requires reporting it to them. Seriously.