Letter of Explanation to BON due to Felony Conviction: HELP!

  1. ]Hello Everyone, I am truly in need of help. I am currently an LPN student due to graduate in 3 weeks. I have a criminal charge of felony attempted attempted assault pending (Yes attempted attempted assault!) in New York State. I have obtained letters of recommendation for the BON to enclose with my application and now my Nursing Director tells me that I need to write a letter of explanation as well. I have no clue as to how to start the letter off or what to say I know that I need to be truthful but I don't want to make myself seem like a bad person because I'm not. I have no prior convictions, this is my first time ever being in trouble and point blank my emotions got the best of me and I displayed reckless actions. Has anyone ever written a letter of explanation? I'm in need of any pointers because I am sitting here in front of a blank sheet of paper.Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   scekovic
    Ambition 21,

    You should keep your letter as brief as possible, get straight to the point, and be honest. Having a felony conviction, especially an attempted x2 assault, does not make you a bad person. To be truthful, it seems as though anybody can be charged and arrested for anything nowadays, and our judicial system is passed the point of repair, so personally, I would never put much weight on these petty misdemeanors (a friend of mine got a misdemeanor bc someone called the cops on his barking dog; the cops told him he had to get rid of it but my friend couldnt find another owner in time, and we not about to put the dog to sleep just bc he barks; so as a result, he was charged). Complete BS right, I think so. That aside, give the BON the info they need; tell them what happened, what you were charged with, and how your priority now is to move forward in your career. Everything will turn out fine, it sounds as though your "crime" is actually not a crime at all. Good luck!
  4. by   vcoronel127
    I too wrote a letter. I basically told them what happened as detailed as I can. After the story I included how Im a changed person from before. Just don't lie and be honest with everything. The boards understands that everyone makes mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes
  5. by   RN_hissey
    This might be too late of a reply. I had to write one too. I said exactly what happened and what I did about it. I also said that I saw the negative affect it had on my nursing career, and that I was ready to put it past me and to move on.