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I am a 'criminal'

  1. 0 Growing up i wanted to be a nurse, just like both of my parents. But one day i realized i couldnt take the sight of blood, puss or anything else that comes out of people. I graduated last year and took this year off to think about what i want to do, and i think i want to try becoming a radiology tech. My question is, are they as hard on radiology techs as nurses about their criminal background? I just kid about being a criminal, i have no felonys. Just a couple marijuana charges, no crack or heroin, just harmless pot. 3 charges tho:/ they were all from when i was younger so maybe after 3 years of college it will be far enough behind me that they may not mind? I know nurses are around controlled substances and are more one on one with people so maybe the process isnt as daunting. I really am a good kid, I just smoked when i was younger. Im familiar with the site, there are so many professionals here so thanks for all the great answers in advance!
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    Yep, the schools do background checks because you still are around patients. And you won't be able to sit for the registry because the ARRT also does a background check. IF you aren't registered, you can't be an RT. Record has to be expunged.

    K. Kurtz, RN, RT(r)retired
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    My question is, are they as hard on radiology techs as nurses about their criminal background?
    We welcome you to allnurses

    There really isn't any way we could adequately answer your question as this is a nursing website. You would need to ask this on a radiology tech site or someone in real life.

    We do wish you well with your career plans in healthcare.

    Good luck.

    edited to add: thank you, CelticGoddess, for your input