HHA Certification & BON License with Felony & DUI

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    Hi, I'm hoping for some straight forward advice. I was in a very bad marriage for quit some time and did some stupid things. 19 yrs ago I got a dui, again 18 yrs ago and yet again 8 1/2 yrs ago. I did everything I was suppose to do including out-patient treatment. I also have a felony charge for "threatens to commit a crime". All are in the state of NJ. I'm very ashamed of all these charges and would give anything to change it.

    I have just been accepted in a 3 week course for CHHA. I checked off "no" to the question of convictions. At the time I didn't realize I needed to be licensed by the BON. I know, how stupid am I? I was thinking after the course I could ask for that "blue" form, correct it and give my explanation and see what happens. I have to decide before Monday morning when I'm due to pay the $500 course fee if I even have a fighting chance. From what I've read in blogs, I don't. Being a CHHA is a plan and dream of mine for some time now. While being a stay-at-home mom, I cared for my in-laws for 15 yrs until each had passed away at the ages of 92. That's when I realized I loved what I was doing. Although my marriage was horrible, I adored my in-laws and they me.

    I feel like a fool. At my age I have no solid work experience, no income at the moment and all this while trying to start over again. All I dreamed about was entering the home health care field and now realize my chances are slim to none. Anyone please....

    Thank you.

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    you need to speak to the program director and let them know this info a.s.a.p. and go from there
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    Moved to license with a criminal history forum. This is a moderated forum and all posts are reviewed by staff before appearing in public view.
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    Thank you. That's exactly what I did. I'm out and will no longer pursue this. I'm closing my allnurses acct.

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