grounds for denial for license?

  1. I will be graduating in May and have started looking over the license application for my state. I ran across a section that worries me, the "grounds for denial" section. Here is what it says on the application:

    Have you ever been convicted, entered a plea of guilty, nolo contendere, or no contest, for any felony, gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor offense? NOTE: The fact that a conviction has been pardoned, expunged, dismissed, stayed, or deferred, or that your civil rights have been restored, does not mean that you answer "NO"; you should answer "YES."

    My problem is, many years ago when I was 18 I pulled into a parking space at a bank and scratched the car next to me as I pulled in. I got out and the damage didnt look very bad, so I did my business and left without leaving a note. (Stupid, I know). Later that day, my mom called me and said there was a police officer at our home looking to arrest me for hit and run. The "accident" was captured on the bank parking lot surveillance. I was brought into the police department, arrested for gross misdemeanor hit and run. I went to court and plead guilty. I paid a fine and they said after 5 years with no other infractions, it would be removed from my record. It says on the application to list ANY gross misdemeanor even if it has been removed from your record, and this can be cause for denial of a license. It also says that they will have to investigate prior to issuing a license and this could make the process take longer than usual. I just want to get my license and not be denied. Has anyone run into this problem before? What should I do?
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  3. by   ItsTheDude
    just as a regular joe, i don't see a big deal with what you described (no one was in the other car, no major damage, etc).

    how much was the damage to the car?
  4. by   XB9S
    we get quite a few of this type of questions on the site, relating to the effects of a criminal history on nursing licensure:

    • is it possible to become licensed as a nurse if you have a criminal history and if so, can i get a job?
    • is it possible to become licensed as a nurse if you have a mip, dui, or other related charges?
    • what happens if you are charged or convicted of a crime after licensure?
    • can i go to nursing school and/or be licensed/be employed if my record has been sealed or expunged?
    • what if i have a "deferred adjudication" or a "withhold of adjudication"? will i have to declare this as a conviction?
    • will i be able to go to nursing school and/or attend clinicals with a criminal record?
    • what can happen if i receive a mip/dui/dwi or other charge while still in school?

    these are questions that the members of cannot answer. the only reliable source of information is your state board of nursing.

    if you have been charged with or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor including dui/dwi or any criminal offense, you need to contact the bon in every state you hold a license/wish to be licensed and ask their reporting requirements.

    each board of nursing makes a determination on a case by case basis and some are willing to issue a declarative statement in advance.

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