Got my RN license in CA with 5 felonies and 3 midemeanors - page 5

I'll start out by saying that if you are worried about getting your license because of a criminal record and feel like giving up, don't! Background When I was 18 years old I was arrested and was charged with 5 felonies and 1... Read More

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    Quote from HellooooooooooMurse

    It is expunged. Actually, It's more than expunged. As far as the courts are concerned "the arrest and conviction are deemed never to have occurred." I quote the California penal code on that [pc 1210.1(e)(1)]

    I say read the rest of the comments because I explained this a few comments back...
    I'm not a lawyer so I don't plan on reading a bunch of legal jargon. No need to get butt hurt. Again, I hope I am wrong but I still don't think it's going to be as easy as you think. People with no criminal or drug past can't get jobs.
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    Thank you for your contributions. Wishing OP best in future endeavors.

    Thread closed.

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