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Hi Everyone, My name is Elizabeth and I live in Florida. I am graduating in a week and am super excited about my new career as an RN. I'm writing because I have two DUI's, one in 2004 and one... Read More

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    here is your answer: http://www.doh.state.fl.us/mqa/nursi...ecord_2010.pdf

    category 2 (includes dui's)

    # of occurrences: "more than one"
    time period (since conviction): "more than 3 years"
    staff able to clear: "yes"
    present application to board: "no"

    according to their recently established guidelines....you will be an rn as soon as you take your nclex!
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    Hello, I'm interested in Moving to FL after I graduate in August. I have tried to find the actual document that FLmomof5 posted the link to and I can't find the actual page. The link will take me to a pdf file but I can't copy and past the url into the browser. Does anyone know where I can find the page? I'm interested becuase I have a DWI on my record from 1983.... I was a stupid high school kid and have grown up a bunch since then... I doubt it will be an issue due to the age and I haven't had any other problems since then but wanted to look at the spreadsheet on the web-site.

    Thanks for any help you could give me ....
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    Hi Elizabeth I also have 2 Dui's but I'm an LPN in RN school and about to graduate in a few months. I failed to report my 1st Dui because it was shortly after passing my boards. I hope you made it out ok because I'm in the same boat as you. How did it go for you? _Oscar
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    im also curious. how did this turn out for you ? are you still waiting to take the test or have you been granted ATT? is it a limited licensure ? have you been able to find a job ?