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Hi Everyone, My name is Elizabeth and I live in Florida. I am graduating in a week and am super excited about my new career as an RN. I'm writing because I have two DUI's, one in 2004 and one in 2008. I have since then... Read More

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    Here, you'd apparently have to request an appeal and show up at the board of nursing hearing and fall on their mercy. Their punitive actions don't seem to be balanced, but that's the nature of political appointees. DWI's can preclude one from getting a nursing license here which I personally think is ridiculous, and I say that being very anti-DWI. In fact, I just arrested lunch time DWI this past weekend when I worked last. Yep, I'm a cop, and I finish a BSN program in a week. I still think it doesn't have much bearing on your being a nurse. Sure, it could imply you show up to work drunk, but hey that's a matter for the employer to handle, in my book. You have my empathy. Just stay off the freakin road!

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    Congrats on your sobriety and graduation! It seems your question was best answered by those who suggested that you contact the BON in Florida. I also suggest you are completely honest with them when you contact them, and honest when they ask for details. If you're able to obtain your license, do the same with any employer who asks. The worst thing you can do is hope the truth doesn't come out, because it always will. You're much better off being honest and taking the risk that you're not hired than being dishonest, getting a job, then being fired when they do a background check. Most employers have no time limits on terminating employees who were caught 'falsifying applications or resumes'.

    Also, don't assume you won't get hired because of this history. Many people don't share their own personal experiences or family experiences with alcoholism or drug abuse because of the stigma, but these problems have touched most people's lives in some way--including the lives of hiring managers, directors of nursing, and others who may make hiring decisions. Be honest, and be couragous, and be proud of yourself.

    Best of luck to you.
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    You've already did the right thing, well, feel yourself, and follow it.
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    FL BON Information re DUI is available on their paper application at:

    Regarding Prior Criminal History and Disciplinary Actions

    The Florida Board of Nursing receives numerous questions from applicants regarding prior criminal offenses. The following are the most frequently asked questions:

    What crimes or license discipline must be reported on the application?

    All convictions, guilty pleas and nolo contendere pleas must be reported, except for minor traffic violations not related to the use of drugs or alcohol. This includes misdemeanors, felonies, “driving while intoxicated (DWI)” and “driving under the influence “(DUI).” Crimes must be reported even if they receive a suspended sentence. All prior or current disciplinary action against another professional license must be reported, whether it occurred in Florida or in another state or territory.

    Can a person obtain a license as a nurse if they have a misdemeanor or felony crime on their record?

    Each application is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The Board of Nursing considers the nature, severity, and recency of offenses, rehabilitation and other factors.

    The Board cannot make a determination for approval or denial of licensure without evaluating the entire application and the supporting documentation.


    Do I have to report charges if I completed a period of probation and the charges were dismissed or closed?

    Yes. Offenses must be reported to the Board even if you received a suspended sentence and the record is now considered closed.

    Applicants with previous arrest or disciplinary action on a license will not be authorized to practice nursing until all documentation is cleared by staff or reviewed by the Board.

    Submit the following documentation:


    Self-Report: Applicants who have listed offenses on the application must submit a letter in her/his own words describing the circumstances of the offense.

    Final Dispositions/Arrest Records: The applicant must obtain and submit arrest and final disposition records for all offenses listed from the Clerk of the Court in the arresting jurisdiction. If the records are not available, you must have a letter on court letterhead sent from the Clerk of the Court attesting to their unavailability.

    Completion of Sentence Documents: Provide written documentation that you have completed your probation/sentence requirements. You may obtain probation documents by contacting your probation office or the Department of Corrections.

    The report must include the start date, end date and that conditions were met.


    Letters of Recommendation: Submit three letters of professional
    recommendation on official letterhead from employers, nursing program administrators, nursing instructors, health professionals, professional counselors, support group sponsors, parole or probation officers, or other individuals in positions of authority who are familiar with your past and present character. Letters should be current within the last year.
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    Elizabeth....Congratulations on graduating nursing school and your sobriety!!! State laws differ but one of the instructors at your school or contacting your state nursing board directly should be able to provide you with that information. At the school that I went to they wouldn't let anyone that wouldn't be eligible for a license go through the program. There were 2 guys that I went to school with get arrested for marijuana and being drunk the night that we graduated and they weren't able to be licensed but I'm not sure if that was permanently or for a specific time period. Also, I would encourage you to be upfront and honest with any employer that you are seriously considering because this will show up on the background check that they run and they will respect you much more if you're up front and they are aware of it. Hope this helps! Once again congratulations and welcome to our nurse family!
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    Well the boards will let you take the nclex first. After you pass it, they will decide to give you the license or not. That's what happened to me.
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    here is your answer: http://www.doh.state.fl.us/mqa/nursi...ecord_2010.pdf

    category 2 (includes dui's)

    # of occurrences: "more than one"
    time period (since conviction): "more than 3 years"
    staff able to clear: "yes"
    present application to board: "no"

    according to their recently established guidelines....you will be an rn as soon as you take your nclex!
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    Hello, I'm interested in Moving to FL after I graduate in August. I have tried to find the actual document that FLmomof5 posted the link to and I can't find the actual page. The link will take me to a pdf file but I can't copy and past the url into the browser. Does anyone know where I can find the page? I'm interested becuase I have a DWI on my record from 1983.... I was a stupid high school kid and have grown up a bunch since then... I doubt it will be an issue due to the age and I haven't had any other problems since then but wanted to look at the spreadsheet on the web-site.

    Thanks for any help you could give me ....
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    Hi Elizabeth I also have 2 Dui's but I'm an LPN in RN school and about to graduate in a few months. I failed to report my 1st Dui because it was shortly after passing my boards. I hope you made it out ok because I'm in the same boat as you. How did it go for you? _Oscar
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    im also curious. how did this turn out for you ? are you still waiting to take the test or have you been granted ATT? is it a limited licensure ? have you been able to find a job ?

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