finished cna school with a felony record

  1. I finished cna class at my local community college in Florida. Next step, is to send in my application and $ for fees, to Prometrics. I am a little hesitant because I am unsure how this is going to go. I have a felony that is 12yrs old. The actual title of the charges sound worse than what the actual story is about. I don't care who knows my story. I have always been honest about my record. It's total " B.S." if you ask me. Anyway, I'll tell my story if you ask me about it. But right now, I just want to know, does anyone by chance know what my chances will be on getting the State to approve me for wanting to be a CNA? I was convicted of "Grand Theft and Dealing in Stolen Property. Like I said, It sounds worse than what actually happened. I did not go and steal from anyone. It's a total misunderstanding.(ya, that's what they all say, right??lol) Does anyone have a similar story or know of someone who does? It's not a drug charge and it's not a violent crime. I had to do "clinicals " at a nursing home and a local hospital. I had to get permission from both facilities, BEFORE, I could start clinicals. Once I told both facilities my story, they felt sorry for me and quickly signed off, for me to get started. So I completed my classes. Passed the course with a 92% A. Do I have a chance ? Remember, it has been 12yrs since the felony. I only have one new traffic incident and that's it.....Please give me an input.. Thank you for hearing me out......
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  3. by   NENE RN
    My suggestion would be to call the state or whomever issues the CNA license to make sure that you can get licensed. I thought (in Ohio) if it was a crime against a person ei:abuse(child) assault or battery then you would have issues. Again I would call the office that issues the licenses for the CNA or look on their site because it could be listed on that too.
  4. by   Nomijen
    Unsure for CNA. We were told any felony is a no for our program (ADN) bc you would never get licensing through the state. I also live in Fl.
  5. by   Okami_CCRN
    Have you tried to have your record expunged...

    I would call your board of nursing and ask them if that would affect certification.

    P.S. CNA's are not licensed in any state except New Hampshire. What we do get is a certification from the board of health and senior services (NJ) indicating we have met all criteria to become certified. Just thought it was important to say since i've been seeing so many posts about CNA "licensure" if this was true we'd be LNA's
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  6. by   Nikki0727
    Yea i would try contacting the state to see what your options are. We had a girl in our class that had a 10 year old charge(wrong place wrong time)
    She finished classes..passed the skills and test so when she was about to start the first day of her job they told her she couldnt. Which is wierd bc they told her nothing until after the class was finished and she passed everything
  7. by   CNA/glorified maid
    Well, the fact that your classmate, w/ the 10 yr old felony, was even able to take the state test, gives me a glimmer of hope. I'm just scared of the "rejection". I've come a long way in life. I think I deserve a second chance. Just like I believe that others, like myself, deserve one, also. Besides all this, If, you've been convicted of a felony, but never qualified to go to prison for it, the state should take that into consideration. Thank you ALL, for your input. Bottom line for me, is to stop procrastinating and call or write the state a letter. it's either yes or no, right??