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Hi! It's my first post here. I am licensed RN in WV, and have been since 2005. This year, I was 2 days late completing application. I paid the fees, and submitted. The question that says have you... Read More

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    Quote from Horseshoe
    This goes against everything I have read about expungements. From what I have read, nursing boards (and a few other entities) will in fact see an expungement, and you MUST report it. Not to employers, but to state licensing boards like the BON.

    Please ask your lawyer about this, because this is an important point.

    This is true...Nursing Boards are privy to the same information as are a few other agencies, such as the FBI and yes, they WILL see an expungement. Employers will not see it. BON will. Again, ask your attorney, if you do not report and something comes up it could cause a much larger problem.