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I am graduating nursing school in Decemeber. I submitted a declaratory form with all supporting documents of dismissal and paid to register for the NCLEX...then I received a letter a few days later from the TX BON. It stated that... Read More

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    Miria I went through the chemical dependency evaluation myself. You do an interview then answer a series of test, mostly multiple choice that are suppose to determine whether or not you have dependency issues. I used one from the board approved list and everything went fine for me. In all of this the psychologist was the nicest and most incouraging person that I have dealt with. I really do not have anything to hide. I made mistakes when I was younger and those days are far behind me. So I think as long as you have a clear conscious you will be fine. The process was fair in my opinion. But don't hold your breath because you will be waiting a long time for your results and your final reccomendations. I had my review in March and I am still waiting for my letter to come from the board. They have however told me over the phone that I am approved. That's my story. I hope everything works out for you.

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    Well back on June 5th I posted how I had been sent to enforcement. I was so discouraged. On June 7th the Board sent me a letter letting me know that all is well and that I can now sit for my boards. Whew.....what a relief. Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement and support. I will certainly keep everyone in my prayers....
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    I just got my agreed order have to do tpapn for the two DUI I got five years ago. Wishing my past wouldn't have come back and haunt me now they think I'm an alcoholic and I'm depressed with graduation twenty days away....
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    Finally got a TBON RN number, praise GOD!! Thanks for going through this with me... Will continue to check in and on you all.. Hope all ends soon..
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    That's awesome!! I'm scheduled for the NCLEX, July 2nd! Yikes!!
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    I have been there, kinda scary huh?! I must say I did prepare for NCLEX. I did Saunders, Hurst review, practice questions, and prayer..Congrats in Advance..Keep US posted
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    VERY scary! It's definitely crunch time! I've done the Hurst Review a couple of times, and now I'm taking lots of Saunders practice questions. Saying prayers too. I will keep you posted! For all you others still dealing with BON, keep your head up... I think about you guys often.
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    Hey guys thought I would check in....first of all CONGRATS MSTX on FINALLY getting your # and Kann I am praying for you to do GREAT! But I know you will, you have waited too long and I am sure you have worked too hard, YOU WILL pass. I got my ATT this week and took the test in H-Town today. I tried the Pearson Vue trick and got the "good message." I start my new nursing job next week as long as I really did pass. I must say that I have grown alot in this experience and have drawn closer to my God. I wish you both the best of luck and was always grateful to have peeps to share my struggles with. Thanks guys!
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    I happened upon this thread and I'm glad to see that all of he people seeking approval seemed have received it. I am currently working on my pre-requisites and plan to apply to an ADN nursing program next spring for the fall 2013 semester. Since I have a felony and misdemeanor deferred adjudication both from over 30 years ago, both for which I hired an attorney to obtain Orders of Non-Disclosure and since I can actually answer the questions on the Texas form that I do not have any arrests, deferred or convictions. However, although a regular FBI background with fingerprints does not bring up the history, there is a provision of the "non-disclosure" law that allows the Texas BON to access the entire record that is now only available only to law enforcement. According to the BON application for NCLEX it says that while you can answer truthfully that you have no prior history, they if a non-disclosed charge comes up that brings into question your character, they may decide to review. With it being so long ago and with the non-disclosure orders, both of which allows me to work in hospitals and to gain entry into a Nursing program, I've have not sought a declaratory orders or pre-approval. Why open a can of worms has been my attitude.

    So here is my question to you all on this thread who dealt with this issue after you graduated is this Ė why didnít you seek a declaratory order prior to or upon acceptance to your nursing program. And would it be your advice to people like me when it comes to seeking a Declaratory Order -- prior to starting school? After acceptance to school? Or after over waiting until after you graduate?

    Congrats to you all, btw, and good luck on your exams!
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    When I was accepted into my nursing program, I passed the school's background check, and I was not aware of the declaratory order process or I DEFINITELY would have done it. My advice to you would be DO the declaratory order now. The sooner you do it, the better. I'm not 100% on submitting it before school, but if you can, do it. Best of luck to you!

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