Endorsing from SC to TX with two felonies..... - page 2

Okay I have been a nurse since March 2011 but haver only been working for 6 months now. I have two felonies one is over 10 years old and the second one is about five years old. I have GA n SC RN... Read More

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    just an update on my progress...I'm still waiting for TX bon to make a recommendation it has been 6 1/2 months i have been talking with the investigator and it seems as if i'm getting the run around.. still waiting inpatiently

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    just got approval for my texas license today with stipulations for a year with indirect supervision and quarterly evaluations for prior criminal background. I'm in the Houston area and want to know will i be able to find a job with these stipulations. it only took about 6 1/2 months......HELP!!!!
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    Closed...withdrew application per lawyer due to it might affect my future n present licenses/jobs..Thanks everyone for ur responses
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    Hey, is there a new update? Were you able to find a job?
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    I withdrew my license in texas but I have been able to get jobs in SC n GA....

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