employment potential after an arrest

  1. I have a friend Jane who graduated from nursing school but is not being allowed to take the state board test because she was arrested for a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence. However those charges were dismissed in court, in part because the victim falsified statements. Jane has no other criminal record, and she lives in California. She understands the process whereby she will eventually be allowed can take the state board licensing exam, and assuming she passes the exam, I am wondering if this dismissed charge will have a detrimental effect on her seeking employment as a nurse even thought she'll always have a record of being arrested? Jane is currently under the assumption there is no hope. Thank you.
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  3. by   Marshall1
    I guess I'm a little confused...if she was not convicted and charges were dropped I don't understand why she would not be able to take the boards but then you state she understand the process where she will eventually be able to take the boards..which means she can take them at some point but not now and that means there must be a little more to this. I would think if she can prove charges were dropped then she should be able to sit plus, in some states, you can have your record expunged but I don't know how that process works or where she would begin other than maybe with the attorney she used for this case.

    As far as getting a job...ever application I have ever seen asks about past arrests..and, even though she wasn't convicted, a criminal background check, depending on how the company conducts it, would show the arrest..so unless she can get the charged removed from her record somehow, she would need to be honest and then provide all documents showing it was dropped. Given the nature of the arrest (domestic violence) I think some places (such as long term care facilities) would be hesitant..its hard enough to secure employment now so being a new licensed nurse with an arrest record for domestic violence I think will may things harder but all she can do is try and be honest with the board and potential employers.
  4. by   MrChicagoRN
    Anyone can be arrested and charged, only convictions require actual proof.AFAIK, applications only ask about convictions, excluding minor traffic violations.
  5. by   mawen
    I was arrested 8 yrs ago and charged with a petit larceny theft, it is considered a misdemenor , some places ask if you we're ever arrested or if you been convicted with a felony, I guess we just have to be honest and answer what they ask and just wait