Disorderly Conduct out my nursing career?

  1. I'm torn up about this matter to say in the least, so any insight or advice (or criticism) would be most welcome. I came home from a night out with the girls where we had shared some drinks (I blew a .06). I got into a fight with my on again-off again boyfriend when I came home (I had stayed out past his three hour curfew and he had come to the conclussion I was cheating on him). We have had our differences for years and I've wanted him out of my life for a while now. On this particular night I asked him to leave my place of residence, he did not and so I proceded to pick up two of his remote control car toys he had with him and take them outside to help push him towards leaving. Accidentally I dropped one and a corner of the top chipped off, he decided to video tape me (still not entirely sure why) and kept yelling and screaming at me with the phone in my face. I asked him nicely to please take his phone out of my face and when he did not I swatted the phone away from me. The phone didn't go flying nothing like that, I used the amount of force similarly of shooing a fly away. Well, he immediately called the cops on me and said I was throwing his things and I had slapped him. I was in shock! (He has mentioned in the past about wanting revenge for when I called the cops on him several years back for splitting my lip open and I wonder if this was that.) He originally told the cops he had a 'video' of my slap, but he reviewed it before they got there and since it clearly showed I didn't slap him, he "accidentally" deleted it. The cops took his word over mine because I was intoxicated and I now have attained a disorderly conduct, with a domestic abuse surcharge. He also claimed he feared for his safety around me (he's 6'3" I'm 5'3" and about 100 lbs less than him, not sure how the cops could actually believe that). I'm terrified this will affect my nursing career I want so badly. I turned in my background checks to start my first year this fall (I did do 30 credits of the generals this past year though). I haven't heard anything in 3 weeks. The teacher said it's out of her hands and that the clinical agency will make the decision of whether to let me work or not, but obviousy if they say no, I can't complete school. As soon as I got the charge, I started on my own an alcohol assessment as well as mental health counseling. After I complete 6 months of probabtion I received from the charge it will get expunsioned and be off my record, but it's there now. Is there anything I can do in hopes that I could still continue nursing school? Or should I wisk my dream away and start looking into school for a different occupation? Has anyone else been in my shoes?
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  3. by   trying2banrn
    I have a disorderly conduct on my record and I am a nurse.
  4. by   PhoenixTech
    For all the experiences you've seen on allnurses, why oh why did you accept that deal with a domestic abuse surcharge? Were you not able to get a lawyer? Did they tell you that if you do time for it, it is a conviction even if you get it expunged.

    Ok, now that I got that out, the more time that has passed since this situation, the better your chances are. Being as though you were in a domestic violence relationship, it's good that you are in therapy, however, if this is a recent stretch & you are able, it might be a good idea to take a little time for self reflection before you continue to pursue your nursing career. You have to have a healthy sense of self & control over your responses to be a successful nurse. I wish you well.
  5. by   sixty3dayswithSarah
    I am with you. I was charged with disorderly conduct AT MY DAUGHTERS FUNERAL because I was to loud (BY CRYING?)