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Hello Everyone I made a very silly mistake last year that i regret everyday.I was arrested for shoplifting, its a misdemeanor.I currently have a 3.7 GPA,and i have been accepted to nursing school,sometimes i get discouraged... Read More

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    You got accepted into the program, so it looks like you have another chance to prove yourself. Abide by the rules and regulations of the facility and state, and you'll be fine. The good thing is that you recognized your problem and decided it is not worth trying again. Be open with what happened, be honest in all that you do, and you'll be a good nurse in no time!

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    Quote from Quantum_Leap
    I know it's not PC to say so in the current moral-relativism and entitlement culture, but I'm of the opinion that perhaps now that you've made your bed, you've committed yourself to sleeping in it. I know the last thing that a youngster thinks about while making "stupid mistakes" is the impact it'll have on their future, but if you're old enough to be charged with a misdemeanor/felony, you're old enough and equipped with the mental capacity to calculate the ramifications if/when you're caught making "stupid mistakes. I would imagine that at some point society, or at least those deciding who obtains a Nursing license, determined that there's a correlation between criminals and poor judgement skills - and I'd think if there's one profession that demands sound judgement skills, I'd say that profession would be Nursing.
    Eh, I think that's a little harsh. Lord knows I've been no angel. I've done things that I'd rather forget and my peers would just die if they knew about...if they could even believe it.

    I just never got caught. Granted, most everything I've done were "victimless crimes" so the only person hurting was myself.

    I think I have pretty good judgement skills. Is the correlation between CONVICTED criminals and poor judgement skills?
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    Contact your board of nursing. Lots of things have a 3 or 5 year "penalty." I have a friend who has a few political arrests (ie from getting arrested in demonstrations) and is doing great in nursing school. You might have to wait, but it shouldn't end your dream career.
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    I don't agree that he/she needs to find a way to get this removed from his/her record. Would it be fair to the ones who kept their records clear by not doing such mistakes?
    Anyway, nursing schools may accept you, but the hospital for clinicals may deny. Does this school know your record? In my nursing school, some nursing student was kicked out of nursing school after midterm in first semester, because they did bg check later in the semester, not before nursing school started.
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    Don't you have to get a criminal records check done to even be accepted into school?? We had to do it every so often during our education for clinicals. There was a procedure to go through if something came up to show that you had dealt with the problem.
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    The original poster has legitamate concerns. One of my fellow nursing students was not allowed to do clinicals at a certain hospital because of a speeding ticket that apparently was egregious. Of course, that is what we were told as students. Who knows what she really did. She was able to do clinicals elsewhere.

    Nursing schools will accept you even if a hospital won't. You often do not know what the clinical sights, BON, or hospital who is hiring later will do about misdemeanors or felonies. A DUI is a misdemeanor and can haunt you forever.

    I would start by calling BON.
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    Were you convicted? I would contact your state board of nursing and ask them if this will have an effect on you becoming a licensed RN. As far as getting into clinicals, I think they may focus more on felony convictions but I am not sure. Maybe speak to someone in your nursing program like an advisor and see what they think?
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    Schedule a meeting with the dean of the department and explain to her what happened and ask her what, if possible problems you may encounter for school. THat is the easiest way to do it and that is what I did when I got arrested. Go to them, dont let there be any surprises on their end. You sound like you are willing to own up to what you did, so do the next step and talk to the nursing dept.
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    Hello brown book,i was told by the school that all the hospitals the use receive the background check and decide if each student meets their b.check rules.The best my attorney could do is get me a 3 years probation under first offender act.
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    Hello DSkelton,i am not hiding anything,i have taken full responsibility for my actions,i told the school and the say it all depends on the clinical sites.I have made the most stupid decision of my life,and i hope that i will be given a chance to correct it.Thanks for your advice.

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