Criminal Charge in Virginia

  1. Please tell me that I'm going to be able to pursue my dreams to becoming an RN!! I have a crimial charge from 9-10yrs ago. It's my ONLY charge, the plea was no contest to contribute to the delinquency of minor. I haven't been in trouble since, other than traffic tickets (speeding, headlight out, expired inspection). I'm enrolling to begin classes in Sept. and when they told me about the background check I freaked. The admissions couldn't give me answers so here I am. I'm hoping this won't but my gut is telling me my dreams are dashed just as they were beginning Thank you in advance for any and all help.

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  3. by   KCMnurse
    Contact your board of nursing and ask them. They may have information on their website. Since it is old you may be OK. But really on the BON can answer that, best to check it out now and put your mind at ease one way or the other.
  4. by   llg
    It will probably depend on the exact nature of your offense -- and what type of jobs you will be seeking. Also, will any of the traffic tickets, etc. show up on your criminal background check?
  5. by   Nurse Beth
    Typically the BON will not make an individual decision until you have applied to test for your nursing license- and that's at time of graduation.

    Be prepared to explain in detail and write a Letter of Explanation.

    The risk is that it is possible to be accepted to nursing school, only to be rejected by the BON later.

    In your case- I would go for it.