Charity/LSBN background checks + old misdemeanor

  1. Hello all! This is my first post on All Nurses, but I have been reading posts for a very long time. Unfortunately, my story is long and I am long-winded, so be prepared! Anyway, I am currently in the process of doing my pre-reqs (maths, english, humanities, a&p 1, 2, etc.). I am going into my fourth semester with only one more behind it, after which I should be submitting my application to Charity School of Nursing. Anyway, although everything is going well, I am a bit nervous about the next year.

    Around five years ago I found myself in an altercation with another guy, and although no one was hurt (literally, not even a nosebleed or a bruise!), the other guy ended up calling the police. It was his way of sticking it to me, but I honestly should have never let myself get into that situation. So, I was given a summons at that point for Simple Battery, a misdemeanor. When I went to court, I at first plead not guilty. However, on court day, the judge said that any person found guilty after going through trial would then have to pay ALL of the court fees and fines - up front. I didn't have $1,500 on me, so I plead guilty because the risk seemed too high.

    So, skip forward a couple of years and that arrest actually prevented me from getting hired at Walmart of all places. After finally stepping forward and following my lifelong dream of going to college, I read about the background checks that Charity School of Nursing and the Louisiana State Board of Nursing does on their students. I also know that even if I can get an expungement, which costs $1,000 alone, the Board will still be able to see the arrest.

    I contacted the LSBN and I asked them about it, but they basically told me they couldn't discuss the matter with someone who is not currently applying for nursing school or a license. However, I went over the paperwork for both Charity and the LSBN, and the only mention I see of "Simple Battery" says that multiple counts might cause them to turn down my application.

    What scares me is that I have put in all of this hard work, and it may turn out that none of it matters. I've never dropped a class, never failed a class, and my GPA is 3.8 at this point. What I want to know is if anyone else on here knows what I can expect from the Board and whether or not this will hold me back? I'd hate to even miss one semester at this point. I'm not exactly a young buck any more. So, is there anyone local that has had any experience with this subject?
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  3. by   heather0208
    Have you spoken with anyone at Charity personally? If I were you, I would try making an appointment with the person in charge of submitting the paperwork to the LSBN (Can't provide you with a name because they do not allow us to do that on this site) and tell them of your history and concerns. Don't email, GO to Charity... they are much more helpful that way. They should be able to point you in the right direction. From what I understand, they deal with situations such as this with every semester.
  4. by   CYoungLPN
    Wait there is a "Charity School of Nursing"? Wow that's my name cool!
  5. by   nola72
    I agree with Heather, go to Charity and speak with someone in person. Your best contact in this situation would be one of the Dean's executive assistants...can't tell you her name but she works on the 6th floor. She's very helpful and handles these cases every semester so she'll be able to tell you what typically happens. When you apply to Charity, be prepared to submit documentation of EVERYTHING to the BON, including all court documents and your written account of what happened. Be proactive and forthcoming with everything because the BON will find out if you're not. I hear they're also short-staffed right now, so submit all necessary documentation as soon as possible. I applied to Charity with a criminal history (DWI in 2008) and the BON allowed me to start after an investigation of my case. I can't say what I think the BON will do, but I have found that they are willing to give you a chance if that was your only incident in the past...and obviously if nothing else happens again. Good luck!!