Can you work at a hospital with a misdemeanor?

  1. Hi! so I just completed a CNA course (I graduate tomorrow) and I am freaking out! Due to poor judgement, I have put myself in a situation to where I may or may not be faced with a misdemeanor charge. Nothing has been done to me yet (all that i know of) and I fear that me having a misdemeanor will keep me from getting hired at a hospital. i don't want to lie and say it never happened, but i'm also afraid that if i do tell, the employer will look at me as a bad employee and not hire me and i really need a job. at this rate it's best to be honest, right? i really need someone to give me insight. can i still work at a hospital if i be honest? what can i do?
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  3. by   FLmomof5
    #1. Hire a good lawyer. Many cases occur where a lawyer can get a misdemeanor plead to a low 'charge' that is more like a 'ticket'....depending upon the alleged crime.

    #2. Most hospitals ask if you have been convicted of a crime. At this point, you can still say no and be telling the truth. However, some applications I have filled out ask if there is an unresolved charge and you would have to say yes to this.

    #3. I would say your ability to be hired depends on many things right now. If there is 1 position and 10 applicants and only YOU have a criminal history, most likely they will choose someone else. However, I have been hired by 2 places: one LTC and one acute care hospital and I have 2 misdemeanors. I would also add that another factor would be what the crime was. Mine was "Theft by check". I explained the circumstances on the app and the conviction was over 8 yrs ago. If it was a 'violent' charge or one involving drugs or drunkenness, you may find a hospital less than willing to over look that especially since it is so recent.
  4. by   carrie_c
    I would say get a lawyer and fight it with all you have. It really sucks having convictions on your record. It makes getting a job and license very difficult and impossible in some situations. Find the best lawyer and fight for dismissal, because once the conviction is there, it's there and there's nothing you can do about it.
  5. by   Logan2

    I was just wondering if you ever got hired by a hospital or how things turned out? It has been a few years so I figured you have an update. Thanks!