Can i become a nurse if i have a crime in the prohibuted act 14?

  1. 0 I was convicted of theft by unlawful taking and recieving stolen property both misdeameanors . and them crimes are @the list for the pennsylvania prohibited act 14 crime list. does this mean that i cannot become a nurse..i am accepted into a lpn school. i did not start yet. but i know when my clearences come back it will come up and i am worried..i already know the board of nursing says its a case by case basis. but then if thats the truth what does that list mean?
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    This is something we can not answer as the BON will review each case individually and bas e their decision on the documents you provide
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    but will i be able to go through clinical in school. and i know its case to case basis with the bon. but that list said its prohibited so does that mean no matter what i am disqualifed?
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    There is just no way we can answer this question. Only your Nursing program and the BON can address these issues.

    Good luck

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