10 year old misdeamenor - keying a car

  1. Hi - I am currently in progress of completing my pre-requesities for an ADN program in Texas. I am well aware of the declaratory petition and have printed it out. I know I need to include a letter of details. (I keyed a car because my friends thought it would be funny because none of us liked this other girl. The other girl decided to press charges and my friends pointed all the fingers at me and said it was my idea, even though it wasn't my idea... Nonetheless a misdemeanor ensued. I was 19 years old and had some bad friends.) It was 10 years ago and I'm no where NEAR the same person that I was then. I know I have to be super honest and remorseful, yeah it was pretty stupid and I damaged property and it cost a lot to get her car fixed. It was absolutely wrong of me. Anyways, Is there a proper format for the declaratory petition? I'm not sure if they need to see a certain type of structuring to the letter and I want to ensure it looks professional as well as providing a full explanation of the incident.

    Many thanks.
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  3. by   yourshoesareuntied
    I don't know a lot on how all the declaratory business process goes, but I can say after reading your post I have one suggestion. Don't offer more details then you need to, if I were interviewing you or reviewing your CV / resume / work application and such I would rather see something like this..( When I was a teenager I received a misdemeanor for vandalising a vehicle, it was stupid mistake that I have payed for and I learned a lot from my mistake.) Everything in the middle about your friends and such I suggest trying to leave all that out.
  4. by   twinsmom788
    You are almost 30. The most I would say about it is " I keyed a car when I was 19 and I received a misdemeanor for my action". I would recommend not elaborating unless asked. I seriously doubt anyone would really care at this late date. There are way too many more important things in life.
  5. by   Mavrick
    Totally leave the "friends made me do it and then blamed me" part out of it.

    It was your decision then and your consequences now. If you have truly matured past that behavior don't keep explaining.