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  1. Sadly, I'm nearing the 2 year anniversary of my nursing school graduation. I'm in Southern California and I've applied for all of the major hospitals new grad programs (though I am now ineligible for several of them since it's been over 15-18 months since graduation), every listing on Craigslist/Indeed/Monster/Career Builder that doesn't specifically state NO NEW GRADS, and countless "cold calls" to nursing homes, aesthetic businesses, physicians offices, etc.. I am enrolled in a BSN program but won't graduate until the summer. I also am not from the area so I don't really have any connections. I'm coming to the end of my emotional and financial rope. I need a job and I'm ready to look outside of the traditional patient care nursing jobs.

    My mom is a research nurse and has suggested I look into that, but all of the jobs I've found require a bachelors and experience in research. I'd love to still be in a hospital, but I can accept not working in one. I do have some experience with medical records (but not coding) and accounts payable (for a healthcare facility). Honestly as much as I'd love my dream floor nursing job, I think I could also be content combining my past experience with my new education.

    So what other careers can a girl with an ADN (working towards a BSN) get into?

    *Also, my husband is in a job that is perfect for him, he loves it, it's a great salary, and at this point it's his salary that is paying ALL of our bills. Moving would be an absolute last resort for us.
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  3. by   Marshall1
    www.usajobs.gov for Fed. jobs in your area and also look at your states web site for employment opportunities

    Good luck - I hope something opens up for you soon
  4. by   serenitylove14
    You could work for the government health department, or veterans affairs, or the local prison, or be a school nurse, or teach health science classes to high school kids. Home health agency? Plus you being in school right now could be a factor and they may see you as not being avaliable enough.
  5. by   jenn1970
    What about teaching at vocational schools such as medical assistants or nurse's aides?